Chapter 32: Sell You Out (Part Three)

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“I’m Wanyan Liyao, the envoy that Khagan Wude, the generous and kind father of all residents on 100,000 Mountains, sent to pay tribute to the Emperor of Great Sui. You are?”

Only the people of Northern Liao could say such a wordy sentence.

The rank 7 official seemed impatient and said, “I’m an advisor at the Ministry of Rites, and I have been waiting for you. You don’t need to enter the inn right now. The Head of the Ministry of Rites is waiting for you. Come with me.”

“The Head of the Ministry of Rites is waiting for me?” Wanyan Liyao couldn’t believe his ears.

That advisor was too lazy to repeat himself, and he turned around and got inside a horse-drawn carriage. Wanyan Liyao didn’t dare to waste time and climbed up as well.

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Huai Qiugong, the Head of the Ministry of Rites, was 72 years old; he had served three emperors. Since Yang Yi became the new emperor, Huai Qiugong rarely managed the Ministry of Rites. Pei Hui, the Deputy of the Ministry of Rites, was managing the daily operations.

However, this well-respected senior came into the ministry today. Except for Pei Hui who was notified, all other officials in the ministry were surprised.

After all, this senior who dared to point at the Emperor and call out the issues as he saw it hadn’t come in for four months and 29 days.

Since Great Sui was so big, it was still snowing in the northwest, but new buds already grew out on the willow trees in the Capital.

Perhaps Pei Hui was worried that Huai Qiugong was too old and might be afraid of cold; the furnace was still blazing inside the room.

Right now, Pei Hui was sitting down respectfully and talking to this senior.

“You are managing the ministry well. Tomorrow, I will write a memorial to the throne and retire, handing the Ministry of Rites to you.”

“I’m surprised! Senior, you are still well, and His Majesty values you. How can you leave the government? The Ministry of Rites can’t operate without you,” Pei Hui quickly replied.

“This flattery doesn’t go well.” Huai Qiugong smiled and said, “You already called me a senior. Also, I served three emperors, and I should have retired long ago. However, the older a person gets, the greedier for power he becomes. I’m even ashamed of myself. As to the Ministry of Rites not being able to operate without me; it is a lie. I haven’t come in for about two months, right? I don’t even recognize the new people.”

Pei Hui smiled awkwardly and said, “You haven’t come in for about five months.”

“Huh?” Huai Qiugong froze for a second before laughing, “I have been walking my dog, playing with my birds, and feeding my fish. Also, I planted some grass and flowers and cut the branches off some trees. Time sure flies. Right, I almost forgot about what His Majesty ordered.”

The old man stroked his snow-white long beard and said, “You go and meet with those people from Northern Liao. Use… the highest standard ceremony.”

“This… didn’t we use a rank 6 official to receive them before? What is different this time?”

“Of course, it is very different.”

Huai Qiugong laughed and said, “The northwest isn’t going to be peaceful. At this time, the people of Northern Liao came to us, falling into His Majesty’s plan. Haha! Getting what you wished for is a thrilling experience!”

Pei Hui’s mouth opened wide in shock as he asked, “His Majesty… wants to attack Mongo-Yuan?”

“Who else? His Majesty wants to be compared to the First Emperor,” The old man laughed like a cunning fox. He was proud and seemed a little cute. “However, you are the only one who I told this to. If there are any rumors… you know that I love power but is afraid of trouble; I will sell you out for sure.”

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