Chapter 34: Give It A Try? (Part One)

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[TL Note: The Author misnumbered this chapter, so the translation chapter number is one chapter off compared to the raw.]

Fang Jie had been living with a little confusion. It felt like except for running with the horse-drawn carriages for 15 to 20 kilometers per day, there was nothing else to do.

The girls of Beckon of the Red Sleeve laughed at his idiot-like behavior first, and then they treated it as an entertainment.

Fang Jie ran after the horse-drawn carriages, and many beautiful girls would poke out their heads from the windows of the first seven carriages, swaying their pretty handkerchiefs at Fang Jie.

“Little Fang Jie, chase after me! I will give you candy!”

“Little Fang Jie, ignore her. Get on my carriage and talk with me!”

“Little Fang Jie, I have fun things in the carriages. You can come and play if you can catch up.”

Upon hearing these teasing words, Fang Jie didn’t chase up. Instead, he kept the same distance that allowed him to see the pretty faces. When the girls waved at him, he would wave back in response, acting like a dull-headed young man, and the girls would all laugh.

They thought that he was dull headed, but they didn’t know that someone was staring at their chests that were swaying up and down due to the moving carriages.

Fang Jie was fond of a girl named Mu Qiu among these girls. She was shy, and she would only smile when other girls teased him.

She wasn’t the prettiest, but she was quiet. With all other girls being chatty, she was the most eye-catching. Of course, Fang Jie instantly paid attention to her since her chest was the biggest.

This girl rarely came out and walked around when the carriages parked. Unless the horse-drawn carriages parked by rivers or lakes, she would rather stay inside the compartment of her carriage. It was clear that she liked water.

“She must be gentle and kind!” Fang Jie had made this comment about that girl, but Da Quan who was acting as the groom of his horse-drawn carriage shook his head, and Mu Xiaoyao snorted.

Fang Jie had his own way of entertaining himself in boredom, and the girls had theirs.[Support the real translators and read on Noodletown Translations for free.]

After encountering the 500 elite infantrymen of Right Valiant Guard, there weren’t any dangers. However, there was a case where people got scared.

The night before last night, about seven wolves tried to attack the campsite. The wild wolves were afraid of fire, but they took the courage and moved forward. However, Da Quan roared and scared them away.

Fang Jie and Mu Xiaoyao weren’t surprised, but the girls of Beckon of the Red Sleeve were frightened. It was their first time realizing that the roar of a man could be more unpleasant to the ear compared to that of a beast. However, their impression of Da Quan who was average-looking and dirty changed.

A girl praised and said that with Da Quan around, it was comforting to sleep; it was better than having an actual mastiff dog.

Hearing this, Da Quan almost went over and beat the butt of the girl who said that. If Fang Jie didn’t stop him, perhaps Da Quan would have caused trouble.

Of course, Fang Jie said that he will slap that girl’s butt for Da Quan, and he lost the courage when Da Quan told him to.

Mu Xiaoyao turned her charming waist and teased Fang Jie by saying, “If you don’t have the courage, you can practice on me. I will allow you to slap my butt.”

If Fang Jie didn’t live with this devilish woman for 15 years, he might have gone over to do it. However, since he knew how powerful this woman was, he dodged a bullet by not responding.

Seeing that Fang Jie really didn’t have the courage to slap her butt, Mu Xiaoyao told him that he was boring and went to sleep in the compartment of the carriage.

Still, she exposed her beautiful long legs and allowed Fang Jie to watch.

On the 36th day after they left Fangu, the caravan fleet arrived at Mu Mountain, the border between Mountain-East Circuit and River-West Circuit. This mountain didn’t even rank in the top 20 in terms of size, but it was steeper and more dangerous to climb compared to many on the list. Many poets and writers came here to obtain inspiration, and many poems were left in the daoist temple on the mountain.

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