Chapter 35: Even (Part Two)

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Before the two went up the mountain, Fang Jie went to the campsite of Beckon of the Red Sleeve and borrowed a hard bow and a quiver of arrows.

When Fang Jie left Fangu, he only took his saber. Since the military bow and arrows weren’t his property, he didn’t bring them. Of course, this saber wasn’t technically his property as well.

Fang Jie’s archery was great. Otherwise, Li Xiaozong wouldn’t allow him to become a scout.

Whenever the military of Fangu went out to kill bandits, Fang Jie would find a place to hide. He didn’t want to fight head-on, but he shot arrows and took down the fiercest bandits many times. After all, he wasn’t a person from this world, so he was still resistant to the idea of killing others after 15 years.

It wasn’t easy for a modern person to treat the killing of others as nothing.

Fang Jie and Da Quan climbed up the mountain; they didn’t walk on the narrow path but create a path of their own.

More wild animals could be found in remote places; a rabbit couldn’t even be seen at places where many people were at.

After moving around for more than an hour, they killed two wild chicken and a small deer. It was enough for food tonight, so they went back. On the way, Da Quan suddenly pulled Fang Jie and whispered after sniffing, “Murderous spirit.”

Among the 20 plus people who protected Fang Jie, Mu Xiaoyao and Da Quan were the most unique. Their combat strength wasn’t high, but their status was only lower than that of Chen Qingshan. Mu Xiaoyao could sense the enemies’ strength levels, and Da Quan could smell murderous spirit.

If it weren’t for these two, the entire team of 20 plus people would have been killed more than 12 years ago. It wasn’t easy for seven of the guards to survive.

When separating at Dali of Southern Yan three years ago, these guards argued about who should stay by Fang Jie’s side and who should distract the hunters.

Chen Qingshan said that she should leave with Fang Jie, and others should escape in another direction with the girl who they kidnapped, but Mu Xiaoyao disagreed. There was one simple reason; although Chen Qingshan’s strength was the highest, the hunters already recognized her, and she wouldn’t be able to escape with Fang Jie once they were surrounded.

Chen Qingshan didn’t refute; she knew that Mu Xiaoyao was correct. It was the only time when the two of them agreed on something.

When Chen Qingshan asked Mu Xiaoyao to pick a partner, the latter chose Da Quan without hesitation. Da Quan was the weakest among the last seven guards, but Mu Xiaoyao’s decision was the most correct.

As the leader of the team, Chen Qingshan didn’t say a word and left with others.

That year, Fang Jie was 12 years old.

When Da Quan said that there was murderous spirit, Fang Jie didn’t doubt at all and squatted, hiding in the bushes.

Da Quan pointed in a direction and whispered, “At least about 200 meters away.”

Since Mu Xiaoyao wasn’t here, they didn’t know how powerful these people were. If these people were all high-level masters, the 200-meter distance wasn’t safe.

Many masters could kill enemies from afar. Rune masters could do it, and it was heard that the daoists could control flying swords and injure others. However, no one ever saw daoists using flying swords, so people guessed that it was only a rumor that the Daoist Sect passed around to promote themselves.

Da Quan wanted to walk around this place, but Fang Jie was worried that these people might have ill-intentions toward Beckon of the Red Sleeve, so he planned to sneak up and see.

Da Quan calculated the distance. Since the campsite of Beckon of the Red Sleeve wasn’t that far away, even if they encountered a master who they couldn’t defeat, Da Quan could still escape with Fang Jie.

After discussing quietly, they pulled some blades of grass and made two hats out of them as disguise before moving forward.

It was fortunate that Mu Mountain had thick bushes, so these two could sneak up like leopards that discovered prey.

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