Chapter 36: Great Move (Part Three)

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At this moment, the dashing and handsome Gongzi Li Yuan who was in a white robe appeared with his henchmen. He shouted from afar, “Lueshang, where did you go? We went to donate money at the daoist temple half-way up the mountain, and we will rest there tonight. We waited for you for a while and didn’t see you, so we came back to find you. You are enjoying the scenery here leisurely!”

Cui Lueshang whispered to Fang Jie, “You are right; they are really my true friends.”

Fang Jie stood up and walked toward Li Yuan and others with Cui Lueshang. Although Fang Jie’s clothes weren’t fancy and looked inferior compared to those of Li Yuan, they were scholarly and made Fang Jie appear clear and intelligent.

Li Yuan had a photographic memory, and he recalled that this young man was the person who peed by the hill. Seeing Fang Jie standing beside Cui Lueshang, he was surprised at first and then thought that perhaps Cui Lueshang knew Fang Jie from before. After all, Cui Lueshang was a unique figure; he wasn’t only friends with those from big families but also those from poor backgrounds.

Li Yuan and others laughed when Cui Lueshang told them that many heroes came from poor backgrounds.

“This is?” Li Yuan casually cupped his hands at Fang Jie. Although it wasn’t wrong, the unhidden slight on his face made others feel uncomfortable.

Fang Jie already disliked those who had Li as their family name, and now Li Yuan’s arrogant behavior made him dislike this man even more. Most people from big families were like this; they looked at those who had worse backgrounds than them in contempt, but they acted polite toward everyone to show their class and temperament.

Such behavior was the most disgusting in Fang Jie’s eyes.

“My family name is Shang, and I’m from Fangu, a border city. I’m a small merchant.”[Support the real translators and read on Noodletown Translations for free.]

Fang Jie was great at acting. He instantly cupped his hands and bowed with an extremely humble expression. The anxiety that he showed through his eyes made others believe that he was nervous and felt inferior.

“I heard big deals take place in Fangu.” Li Yuan smiled and said, “I heard that good cloth could be sold for double the price at Fangu. Each trip to Fangu can make you at least 500 cash coins, right? Gongzi Shang, judging by your presence, it seems like you make tens of thousands of cash coins a year. Even in Xiang City, tens of thousands of cash coins a year is considered rich.”

Fang Jie smiled and replied, “Please don’t address me as gongzi; I don’t have official titles.”

“Haha,” Li Yuan laughed, “You know your place; interesting.”

Although there were no clear levels among civilians, people looked down on merchants in Great Sui. Officials, farmers, craftsmen, and merchants; merchants had the lowest social status. Even a poor farmer could be proud and ask a merchant to move aside when they met on a narrow path.

Fang Jie laughed along and said carefully, “I was planning to invite Gongzi Cui to a drink tonight, and I just hunted a few wild animals. If you all don’t mind, how about you all come to my spot and have dinner?”

The short young man cussed, “Who has time to drink with you? Just go and do what you were doing! Lueshang, we already ordered dinner at the daoist temple; let’s go.”

Cui Lueshang looked at Fang Jie with a trouble expression. Just as he was about to apologize, Lu Yuan laughed, “We can eat at this daoist temple anytime, but we can’t eat Brother Shang’s cooking. Liu Yineng, you are too short-sighted. Brother Shang invited us kindly; aren’t you afraid of hurting his feelings?”

After saying that, Li Yuan cupped his hand and said to Fang Jie gently, “Brother Shang, we will trouble you tonight.”

Li Yuan’s quick shift of attitude was something else.

Although Fang Jie sneered in his mind, he appeared overwhelmed and replied, “Please come this way. My servants should have prepared the meat, and I will roast the meat for you myself. It is fortunate that I still have a few jars of good liquor.”

Li Yuan laughed and said some polite words before turning to that short young man named Liu Yineng when Fang Jie turned around. He whispered, “You almost got rid of this guy who came to take the blame. You didn’t even see it! Dumb*ss!”

Liu Yineng finally realized this, and he gave Li Yuan the thumbs up before whispering, “Great move! Truly great!”

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