Chapter 37: Impatient (Part One)

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According to the strict generational structure, Li Yuan was Li Xiaozong’s nephew.

However, even though these big families seemed strict from the outside, it was messy on the inside.

With the Li Family’s elderly gentleman was close to 80 years old, he got married to a young woman. Two years later, this young woman gave birth to a boy.

[TL Note: The term ‘elderly gentleman’ refers to the eldest male who is a close member of a big family.]

Even the Elderly Gentleman didn’t think that the kid was his, let alone others. If the blood test result were off, the kid and his mom would be drowned in a river.

[TL Note: In ancient China, the paternity test was dripping the father’s blood and the child’s blood into a bowl of water. If the two different drips of blood merged, it would mean that the test was positive.]

The strange thing was that the test result was positive, so the Elderly Gentleman was thrilled, hosting a three-day party. Other than proving that the Elderly Gentleman was energetic, it showed that big families were messy. The Elderly Gentleman was Li Luan’s father, Great General Li Yuanshan’s grandfather, Major Li Xiaozong’s great-grandfather, Li Yuan’s great-great-grandfather.

Since the Elderly Gentleman was now more than 90 years old, that kid was more than ten years old. Although he was technically Li Yuan’s great-grandfather in name, he was a distant member, so his status was low. Instead of saying that the three-day party was to celebrate his birth, it was more for the Elderly Gentleman to celebrate his own energy and vitality.

For some reason… that kid looked more like the Elderly Gentleman’s elder nephew.

Li Xiaozong was a distant member of the family. Even though he was a rank 5 major, he had no status inside the Li Family.

However, Li Yuan was Li Luan’s close grandson, even though his father wasn’t Lu Luan’s elder son.

The Li Family was the biggest family in Long-West State, so Li Yuan’s arrogance was understandable. Long-West Li Family was even a huge tree in the entire forest of Great Sui.

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At the foot of Mu Mountain, Fang Jie already told Da Quan to move the horse-drawn carriage further away from the campsite of Beckon of the Red Sleeve.

Fang Jie told Mu Xiaoyao to stay over at the campsite of Beckon of the Red Sleeve, but she asked, “Fang Jie, what shameless things are you trying to do?”

Fang Jie replied, “I’m doing the right thing and restoring justice in the world.”

Mu Xiaoyao said, “This is new. I can’t leave; I have to see this.”

Therefore, Mu Xiaoyao was still sleeping inside the compartment on the carriage, and Da Quan was squatting beside the carriage, planning to deskin the deer unwillingly. He rarely did this. Although he enjoyed eating meat, when Fang Jie asked him to do this work, he always said that gentlemen should be kind and avoid killing; that didn’t make any sense since he was nothing like a gentleman.

Da Quan wouldn’t cook for himself if it wasn’t absolutely necessary.

Fang Jie wondered if there was a secret behind Da Quan’s persistence, but none of his probes resulted in anything.

When Fang Jie returned with Li Yuan, Cui Lueshang, and others, Da Quan was looked at the dead beasts while worrying. The pot of water was already boiling, yet those two wild chickens were still not prepared, and the deer was hanging on a tree branch.

Seeing this, Fang Jie pretended to be angry and cussed. Then, he smiled and asked Li Yuan and others to sit down before deskinning these wild animals himself.

Li Yuan and others wouldn’t do something this lowly, and they observed with strong disdain and contempt as Fang Jie prepared the wild animals smoothly.

Members of big families wouldn’t do these things that were disgusting in their eyes, and even Cui Lueshang felt uncomfortable watching.

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