Chapter 37: Impatient (Part Two)

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Therefore, Cui Lueshang pulled Li Yuan and others onto a hill to enjoy the night view. Li Yuan smiled and talked with Cui Lueshang, but he signaled Liu Yineng who was short and ugly.

Liu Yineng was an infamous bad egg in Xiang City, and he quickly turned around with a bag of low-quality poison that he got from somewhere.

They were planning to beat Cui Lueshang until he was quadriplegic, but Fang Jie appeared to take the blame for them. Therefore, they became even more reckless.

If they poisoned Cui Lueshang and killed him, they could say that Fang Jie killed Cui Lueshang in the wilderness for money.

Would the policemen, county magistrate, and governor dare to do detailed investigations to offend the Li Family and the Liu Family?

The Cui Family was a lot weaker compared to the Li Family and the Liu Family, so this incident wasn’t a big issue in Li Yuan and Liu Yineng’s eyes. To Li Yuan’s other henchmen, this wasn’t a big deal as well.

These people thought that they were smart, but they forgot to think.

Governor-General Yang Xiuchen of River-West Circuit recommended two members of the Li Family last two times when the Martial Arts Academy recruited students, but why was a member of the Cui Family, a second-tier family at Long-West State, recommended this time?

When someone was extremely conceited, this person was also stupid.

About two months ago, the Emperor promoted Imperial Concubine Cui to an imperial noble consort.

[TL Note: In ancient China, the emperor had many female partners, and these females were ranked. With the queen at the top, imperial noble consorts were the second-tier, and the imperial concubines were the third-tier.]

Liu Yineng’s poison wasn’t great; it wasn’t from the famous poison houses; it was a bottle of unknown poison. He bought it from a sketchy vendor; 1,000 cash coins could buy ten bottles.

Although the poison was of low-quality, it could take others’ lives.

Da Quan who was boiling water on the side cursed in a low voice, “Dirty b*stards.”

Then, he felt sad for himself as he thought, “Having a great nose does come with drawbacks. This trash poison stinks!”

Liu Yineng pretended that he was watching Fang Jie deskin the deer, and he moved close and scattered the poisonous powder into the boiling water.

The water suddenly popped a few times, and Da Quan sighed in his mind, “It is tough for you to try to poison someone; your technique is trash.”

Then, Da Quan looked away, pretending not to see it.

Seeing such a bad tactic, Fang Jie’s lips twitched uncontrollably and cursed Liu Yineng and all members of his family in his mind.

When poisoning others, Liu Yineng needed both Fang Jie and Da Quan to pretend not to see his movements. Fang Jie even felt anxious for this young man who was arrogant inside Xiang City. With such methods, he was doomed to follow Li Yuan and stay in Xiang City. If he met anyone from the big families in Chang’an, he would die many times before he understood how.

After putting the poison inside the water, Liu Yineng walked away with pride.

Seeing the bubbles on the surface of the water, Da Quan asked Fang Jie, “What should we do? This dumb*ss probably never saw boiling water before. This water is as thick as porridge right now.”

Fang Jie felt helpless, and he took a wooden spoon and scooped out the bubbles. “Don’t blame him; he isn’t a professional.”

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