Chapter 37: Impatient (Part Three)

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The wild chickens and the deer had to be boiled in water. All the meat touched the water and became poisonous; this was something that Da Quan couldn’t stand. He cursed Liu Yineng many times since he couldn’t withstand others wasting meat.

If Fang Jie didn’t promise him to take him to the best restaurant in Chang’an, perhaps Da Quan would have stopped acting already.

After about an hour passed by, the meat dishes that Fang Jie prepared for the guests were all done. When the roasted meat was placed before everyone, both Fang Jie and Li Yuan secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

“Where is the liquor?” Seeing that Da Quan hadn’t returned from the carriage, Fang Jie acted annoyed and shouted, “I told you to get some liquor! Why are you so slow? Am I not paying you enough? When I get to Chang’an, I will hire someone who is younger and cleverer!”

Li Yuan and others looked toward the carriage subconsciously, and they saw the carriage shaking aggressively. Then, that horse seemed frightened, and it neighed and almost ran.

Cui Lueshang was afraid, and he asked Fang Jie, “Is your liquor locked inside an iron chest? How come it is so hard to take it out?”

Fang Jie suddenly realized something and prayed for Da Quan.

At this moment, Da Quan fell out of the carriage and landed on his face.

He struggled to stand up and then staggered over with two jars of liquor. He got one black eye, and half of his lips swelled. He murmured, “Do you think… it is easy to take out liquor?”

Fang Jie quickly walked up and grabbed the liquor jars while chuckling, “This old guy likes stealing my liquor, so it is well-hidden.”

Da Quan snorted and walked to the side of the carriage. Then, he squatted by a tree, rubbed his cheek that was hurting, and cursed, “Mu Xiaoyao… I only took two jars of liquor; did you have to be this vicious?”[Support the real translators and read on Noodletown Translations for free.]

Fortunately, he was quiet, and Li Yuan and others couldn’t hear him.

Fang Jie filled the cups for Li Yuan and others and laughed, “I hired this servant from my hometown, and he doesn’t know much; please don’t mind him. This liquor is good; you can only buy it in Fangu, that border city.”

Cui Lueshang grabbed a cup and smelled the aroma before praising, “The aroma is strong! It is definitely a great liquor. Without needing to taste it, I can tell that this liquor is at least three to five years of age.”

Li Yuan liked liquor, so he couldn’t help but have a taste. “This is great. Although it isn’t as great as the Dragon Pool Liquor in Xiang City, it is a rare liquor. I’m surprised that a remote place like Fangu could produce such a liquor!”

Li Yuan continued while pointing at the roasted meat, “The liquor is good, and Brother Shang’s cooking is impressive as well! It is crispy and golden on the outside and soft on the inside!”

“Have a taste?” Fang Jie quickly replied, “See if it fits your taste.”

Li Yuan froze for a second, and Liu Yineng quickly said on the side, “Brother Shang is the host today, and we are guests; the host should eat before the guests. We will eat after you.”

Fang Jie placed down his chopsticks and replied earnestly, “No, no, no. Because I’m the host, and you are the guests, you should eat before me! It would be impolite the other way around. Gongzi Li, you are well-respected, so you should eat first. If we continue to talk, the meat will turn cold.”

Li Yuan quickly waved his hands and said, “We are only able to eat such delicacies because of Gongzi Cui. How about Gongzi Cui eat first?”

Cui Lueshang was a simple person. After thinking for a bit, he said, “Ok, I will start.”

“Wait!” Fang Jie stopped him and said, “Great Sui is a nation of etiquette. How about we say our age? The eldest will go first.”

Cui Lueshang laughed, “Sounds good to me!”

Li Yuan’s face turned pale as he saw that he was the eldest. “This… since I’m the eldest, I should be more caring. This is the virtue that Great Sui promotes.”

“That is right!” Cui Lueshang said, “Brother Shang, since you are the youngest, you should eat first.”

“No, Gongzi Li should go first.”

“Brother Shang, go first.”

“Gongzi Li, go first.”

“Brother Shag, go first.”

After dozens of times, no one could think of a reason to refuse, but none of them wanted to eat first.

At this moment, a pleasant scent floated over, and then a red shadow appeared.

A gorgeous woman in a red dress pressed Li Yuan onto the ground, squeezed his mouth open, and dumped a plate of meat into his mouth.

“Damn it! I’m impatient!” Mu Xiaoyao cursed while glaring at Fang Jie.

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