Chapter 39: Start Running (Part One)

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It was quiet at night.

People who came to Mu Mountain for fun had already rested at their pre-arranged places. The wealthy individuals rested in the daoist temple half-way up the mountain, and the commoners could only put up tents at flat places.

Since life at Great Sui had been peaceful as the empire was strong, the citizens became confident and slightly lazy.

Touring mountains and lakes in the spring were no longer the activities that only rich people could do.

Rich people hung out their ways, and commoners had their own ways.

However, rarely did people camp at the foot of the mountain. Most people rested at the small square before the daoist temple. Although the daoist temple didn’t provide free meals, they did offer hot water. This was why this daoist temple had many patrons, and the daoists who lived here had good lives.

When most of the people in and outside the daoist temple rested, three people were busy digging pits at the foot of the mountain. To be more accurate, two people were digging, and another was sitting on a tree branch and watched in boredom.

“Dig deeper.” Da Quan didn’t use any tools, and he dug with his hands while wearing his gloves. Soon, a deep pit appeared on the ground. He looked at Fang Jie who was digging with his saber and said in disdain, “I dug two pits already, yet you can’t even dig one. It seems like it is best to use your own hands.”

Fang Jie wiped the sweat off his forehead and replied, “Today, I finally learned that dog paddle isn’t only a way to swim. I truly admire you. I don’t have any tool that is suitable for this occasion. I can’t dig that deep even if the morning comes.”

“How about we do something to the corpses?” Da Quan said with a serious expression, “If they are smaller, we don’t need to dig as deep and only need to dig more shallow graves.”

Fang Jie stared back at him and asked, “How can you be so cruel?”

Da Quan replied, “I killed two, and you killed two. We are equally cruel.”

Then, he turned around and said to Cui Lueshang in displeasure, “Gongzi Cui, even if you aren’t a perpetrator, you are an accomplice. Can’t you come here and help? Even if you kneel and pray for them with the methods of the Buddhist Sect, will they thank you instead of cursing you in Hell?”

The dispirited Cui Lueshang looked at Da Quan with no spirit in his eyes. Earlier, Fang Jie gave him a dagger, but he didn’t dare to kill Liu Yineng who he beat with force. After seeing Fang Jie ending Li Yuan’s life, Cui Lueshang shivered and moved to Liu Yineng’s side before hesitating for a long while and piercing the dagger forward. Perhaps he was too anxious, he pierced five times but missed all the vital points.[Support the real translators and read on Noodletown Translations for free.]

Blood stained his clothes, but Liu Yineng wasn’t dead.

Fang Jie couldn’t watch someone being tortured, so he pierced Liu Yineng’s heart directly without missing.

After killing these bad eggs, Fang Jie thought that he would shiver or be afraid, but he felt calm as if nothing happened. He tried to sense it but was disappointed that he wasn’t worked up.

It wasn’t a thrilling experience for him, and this made Fang Jie mock himself.

When at Fangu, Fang Jie believed that he was someone who couldn’t kill others. Even though he wasn’t a kind person, he wasn’t a vicious person as well.

After killing these bad people today, he realized that he didn’t want to kill people in this world not because he was a nice person; he was only resistant toward the idea of taking others’ lives.

While Fang Jie and Da Quan sweated at the foot of the mountain, the back door of the daoist temple half-way up the mountain opened. Two people in cyan daoist robes walked onto an extruding boulder, and the senior daoist frowned as he looked at the foot of the mountain. He asked the fat daoist who appeared only to be about 16 years old, “Something is happening at the foot of the mountain. Should we do something?”

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