Chapter 39: Start Running (Part Three)

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-At the foot of the mountain-

Cui Lueshang was covering Liu Yineng’s corpse with dirt. Upon seeing Liu Yineng’s ugly face, he was terrified and fell onto the ground. He murmured, “What should I do? If others find out, my life would be destroyed. My father spent a ton of money and used many connections to get me this opportunity to participate in the entrance exam of the Martial Arts Academy, but I destroyed my own future. If my father learns about this, he will break my legs!”

“Look at yourself!” Da Quan rolled his eyes and said with slight anger, “They are already dead; what is the use of regret?”

Cui Lueshang wanted to wipe away the sweat on his forehead, but he ended up putting dirt on his face. He replied, “But this can’t be hidden. Many people know that the five of us came to Mu Mountain, and Li Yuan said that they are coming here with me to hang out before I leave for Chang’an. If I return to Xiang City, the police would easily find out that I killed them.”

“You can’t hide from this.” Fang Jie put a corpse into a pit and said to Cui Lueshang, “You don’t need to hide this. After burying them, you can rush back to Xiang City and tell your father the truth. This isn’t your fault; Li Yuan and others wanted to kill you first. Your father will help you handle the rest. Tomorrow morning, leave your family and come out. We will be waiting for you outside Xiang City. We can go to Chang’an together.”

While working, Fang Jie continued, “I won’t lie to you now. My name isn’t Shang Guohen, and I’m not a merchant from Fangu. I’m a soldier of Fangu who is going to Chang’an to participate in the entrance exam of the Martial Arts Academy. My name is Fang Jie. Since we met, we can travel together.”

“You are also a participant?” Cui Lueshang was shocked, and he observed Fang Jie again and asked, “You aren’t lying this time?”

“Why would I lie?” Fang Jie laughed, “Even if I lie now, you will know the truth when we get to Chang’an. You know what, go back to Xiang City now. The sun is going to rise in about four hours, and you can enter the city right then if you ride your horse. You should talk to your father, and I think he will send you out of the city right away.”

“Really?” Cui Lueshang asked worryingly, “What if my father arrests me?”

“Even the vicious tigers wouldn’t eat their own children. Since your father is willing to spend a ton of money to try to send you into the Martial Arts Academy, why would he stand and watch your future burn when you did nothing wrong?” Fang Jie patted Cui Lueshang’s shoulder and said, “I promise you that nothing bad will happen.”

Cui Lueshang thought for a moment and felt like Fang Jie was right. He didn’t want to stay here anymore, so he stood up, cupped his hands, and said farewells before running away.

After Cui Lueshang disappeared, Mu Xiaoyao jumped off the tree, walked to Fang Jie, and asked him earnestly, “You didn’t kill these people because you want to get used to it, right?”

Fang Jie nodded.

“Also not only because you want to help that dull-headed guy once, right?”

“Right!” Fang Jie nodded again and looked at the direction that Cui Lueshang disappeared before saying, “I’m only a little scout from a border city. I don’t have a prestigious identity nor a powerful background. Even when I get to Chang’an, I will experience many sufferings. Although the Cui Family in Xiang City isn’t as influential as the Cui Family in Boling, it is a big family. With such a friend around, some troubles will be avoided.

“So, you planned this from the start?” Da Quan asked in surprise.

Fang Jie smiled and replied, “I’m helping him, and it is also helping myself. No? Doing kind things to others is equal to doing kind things to yourself. It feels like this quote also came from the Buddhist Sect, but it makes sense.”

“If possible, I should make a few more friends who are powerful. A participant like me wouldn’t have a smooth journey in Chang’an, so making a few friends wouldn’t be wrong. I remember saying to you that for the period before the last three years, I relied on you two, Chen Qingshan, and the other four. In the last three years, I relied on you two. From now on… I need to rely on myself more.”

Fang Jie looked at Mu Xiaoyao and said, “I had been pulled around by you by the belt, and I should start walking myself. It would be best if I can start running.”

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