Chapter 4: Where is he? (Part One)

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No one answered Fang Jie’s question.

The red-dressed woman had a pair of long legs that men couldn’t move their eyes away from, and her sitting position on the beam wasn’t lady-like. Since her legs were apart, her knees were exposed under the long dress. Her lower legs were eye-catchingly beautiful!

If she appeared in Beckon of the Red Sleeve, the patrons would stare at her legs with lust.

If she wanted, many people would kneel and kiss her toes. Her legs and feet were gorgeous.

She wasn’t drunk, and she looked down at the young man who was looking up at her. She knew that at this angle, this young man would see things that he shouldn’t, but she didn’t care.

When she escaped from that famous mountain with this young man, she had to feed him, change his diapers, and even hug him most of the time at night for the latter to sleep well.

At that time, this young man was only a toddler, and she was only 12 years old. Even if this young man tried to, he couldn’t touch anything.

Of course, if she knew that this young man had “bad thoughts” when he was little, she would have turned him into an eunuch.

[TL Note: Eunuch are men who have been castrated. In ancient China, their genitals were cut off in order of them to serve the royals.]

However, who could have known that when this young man was a baby, his mental age already reached maturity.

This woman knew that this young man was a genius, but she didn’t know that he had a cheatcode.

The thin old man who was still thinking about the aroma of the meat behind the bookshelf froze. Upon seeing Fang Jie’s serious expression, he sighed and turned to look at the sword box that was never more than half a meter away from him. He felt emotional just thinking about the big secret hidden in the sword box.

The sword box was always in his hands, and only he knew the secret inside it all these years. Even Mu Xiaoyao didn’t know.

[TL Note: Xiaoyao in this context means slender waist.]

The red-dressed woman on the beam was Mu Xiaoyao. Her waist was extremely slender. In comparison, her butt was round and plump, and her legs were long.

When that man handed Fang Jie who was still a toddler to them, he called Mu Xiaoyao and this thin old man into his study individually to tell them something.

After 15 years, Mu Xiaoyao and this thin old man didn’t know what each other knew.

“Shang Guohen, you tell him.”

[TL Note: Guohen means national hatred in this context, and Shang seems like the name of an empire in this case.]

Mu Xiaoyao leaned back on the beam, and one of her white long legs swayed back and forth.

“So, your name is Shang Guohen.”

Fang Jie tried his best and moved his eyes away from the pair of white legs. He looked at this thin old man who hadn’t changed his dirty leather jacket for 15 years and said, “I thought your name is Da Quan.”

[TL Note: Da Quan means a big dog in this context.]

Mu Xiaoyao always called this old man Da Quan since his nose could make dogs jealous. For all these years, Fang Jie avoided many dangers and found many new paths due to this old man’s nose. Only when Fang Jie came to this world did he realize that nose could be used in such a miraculous way.

If a insect flew past this old man, he could tell what it was. In fact, he could even tell if it was male or female.

Fang Jie didn’t believe him back then, and he asked this old man how he did it. This man said that the female insects had a lewd smell, and then Mu Xiaoyao broke his nose for no reason.

“Mu Xiaoyao, call me by my name!” The thin old man pointed at the woman and shouted, “I have a name!”

“Ok, Da Gou.” Mu Xiaoyao waved her hand on the beam, and no one could see her face.

[TL Note: Da Gou also means a big dog.]

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