Chapter 40: Three People, Five People (1) (Part One)

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No one knew when the Mu Mountain Daoist Temple was built and who built it; not even the residents of Xiang City who were close didn’t know. Some people said that it was eight years ago, some said it was ten years ago, and others said that there were buildings there for hundreds of years and weren’t built recently.

However, since a group of daoists appeared on Mu Mountain, more and more people came to tour Mu Mountain. The cultivation strength of these daoists was unknown, but they were great at business.

A bowl of cooked white rice was 20 cash coins, a meat dish was 50 cash coins, a vegetable dish was 30 cash coins, and a jar of liquor was 500 cash coins. The prices were listed, and no deceitful activities took place.

Great Sui was prosperous, so even five kilograms of raw rice didn’t cost much. Regardless of how clean and tasty the cooked white rice in this daoist temple was, it wasn’t worth 20 cash coins per bowl. Besides, 50 cash coins could buy a big piece of pork, and it could be made into many dishes.

However, this daoist temple gave a clear explanation. All the food was bought in Xiang City and transported onto Mu Mountain, so there was a lot of labor cost included.

The members of big families who could rest in this daoist temple were all wealthy, so they didn’t care about this much money. Also, since there was only one such business on Mu Mountain, it was hard for these daoists to not make money.

The name of this daoist temple was fitting – Mu Mountain Daoist Temple.

There were 36 daoists, 72 daoist youths, and 11 workers. It wasn’t big but orderly.

[TL Note: Daoist youths refers to those who practice Daoism but aren’t adults yet.]

The daoist title of the senior daoist who had a goatee and looked ethereal was Chuchen Zi.

[TL Note: In ancient China, all well-respected people had titles that ended with ‘zi’. Chuchen means otherworldly in this context.]

Although this old man was known as Mu Mountain Daoist Temple Master, not many people knew that the person who made the decisions wasn’t Chuchen Zi but a mysterious figure. Even those daoist youths and the workers rarely saw this figure.

However, those 36 daoists knew who this figure was.

This figure’s name was Xiang Qingniu.

[TL Note: Qingniu means cyan ox in this context.]

He was a busy figure, and his background was mysteriously shocking.

It was heard that he was closely connected to Spiritual Master Xiao of One Qi Daoist Temple on Pure Joy Mountain, had relationships with a big figure in the Royal Palace, and had a senior brother who was even more mysterious and prestigious.

This senior brother of Xiang Qingniu had gone off to somewhere ten years ago, and Xiang Qingniu said that this senior brother of his was probably taken by a fiend woman while he eliminated evil in an unknown mountain.

Xiang Qingniu was this young man’s name, not his daoist title.

Even Chuchen Zi didn’t know if this young fatty who was his uncle-master had a daoist title or not.

In fact, if Chuchen Zi didn’t see Xiang Qingniu pull the beard of Spiritual Master Xiao of Pure Joy Mountain, he wouldn’t have believed that this guy who was greedy and loved to eat was a member of the Daoist Sect… a shockingly influential one too.

Spiritual Master Xiao was the leader of the Daoist Sect, and One Qi Daoist Temple on Pure Joy Mountain was the holy land of Daoism. Although Three Pure Daoist Temple on Wudang Mountain was becoming more and more famous, it couldn’t rival One Qi Daoist Temple.

Xiang Qingniu’s explanation was that the Patriarch of Daoism had said that one qi turned into three pure ones. Therefore, One Qi Daoist Temple was equal to three Three Pure Daoist Temples.

Others wondered if the Patriarch of Daoism in Heaven would cast a lightning bolt to strike this fatty for this misinterpretation.

Xiang Qingniu was busy; he was busy every day. However, he only worked on two things other than sleeping.

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