Chapter 40: Three People, Five People (1) (Part Two)

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If he ate too much, he would count his money. If he got too tired from counting money, he would eat some food. When Chuchen Zi came to Xiang Qingniu’s courtyard, if this uncle-master of his wasn’t sleeping, he would be eating. If he wasn’t eating, he was counting money.

Xiang Qingniu had said that if someone was greedy but didn’t know how much money he had, he would die broke one day.

Although Xiang Qingniu looked like he was only 16 years old, he was in fact 19. He was only nine years old when his second senior brother left him.

If he changed into ordinary clothes, who would know that he had such a prestigious status in the Daoist Sect?

Chuchen Zi still remembered that when Spiritual Master Xiao begged Xiang Qingniu to get a daoist title at Pure Joy Mountain, the latter almost pulled out all Spiritual Master Xiao’s beard.

“I will follow Second Senior Brother and use the last name of Xiang! My name is Xiang Qingniu! This way, others will know that I’m his little brother when hearing my name!”[Support the real translators and read on Noodletown Translations for free.]

“Junior brother.” Spiritual Master Xiao corrected.

“Isn’t junior brother the same as little brother?” Xiang Qingniu asked viciously as he pulled Spiritual Master Xiao’s beard.

“Of course… Of course… Junior brother is the same as little brother; I will fight whoever says it’s not!” Spiritual Master Xiao was in pain.

After Xiang Qingniu let go of his beard, Spiritual Master Xiao sighed and said, “You were close to your second senior brother; he was really cold to ditch you!”

Chuchen Zi still clearly remembered this conversation, and he memorized that it was better to offend his own master than offending his little uncle-master.

Ten years ago, Chuchen Zi started to tour Great Sui and accept disciples under his master’s order. In the end, he decided to stay on Mu Mountain.

Four years ago, his little uncle-master arrived, and his life became hellish.

It was heard that after Chuchen Zi left Pure Joy Mountain, his little uncle-master who was nine years old at the time also left without saying a word. For some reason, this boy suddenly appeared on Mu Mountain six years later.

Chuchen Zi didn’t dare to wait and instantly sent a letter to Pure Joy Mountain.

Afterward, Spiritual Master Xiao sent many people here to ask Xiang Qingniu to go back, but the latter didn’t want to leave.

Later, Spiritual Master Xiao asked someone to deliver a message. “You don’t need to come back to Pure Joy Mountain, but you can’t leave Mu Mountain as well.”

Xiang Qingniu pouted and said to the disciple who came to deliver the message, “Tell Oldman Xiao that I didn’t find Second Senior Brother in Great Sui in the last six years without any money on me, so he probably went to other places. Inside Great Sui, daoists could travel without any money, but daoists aren’t as welcomed as monks outside Great Sui. Therefore, I can’t do anything without money. After I make enough money, I will leave Great Sui. After I find Second Senior Brother, I won’t go anywhere else.”

Hearing this reply, Spiritual Master Xiao sighed and said, “Silly and obsessed.”

When Xiang Qingniu woke up the next day, the sun was already high in the sky. He rubbed his eyes, flipped around, and wanted to sleep a bit more, but the daoists were reciting Dao De Jing too loudly in the daoist temple.

Dao De Jing, Hundun Jing, and Words of Patriarch of Daoism were the three books that daoists must study. Of course, Xiang Qingniu was an exception.

[TL Note: Hundun means primal chaos in this context.]

Xiang Qingniu was irritated. He quickly sat up, put on his shoes, and walked out of his residence with a bronze basin. He wore nothing on top, showing the fat on his body. As soon as he got to the back of the frontcourt, he threw the bronze basin toward Chuchen Zi who sat in the front.

Bam! It was crisp.

The place instantly became quiet, and Chuchen Zi was already hiding behind the stone statue of the Patriarch of Daoism.

The Temple Master of Mu Mountain Daoist Temple carefully poked his head out from behind the statue and asked, “Uncle-Master, what do you need?”

“Can people sleep?” After saying that, Xiang Qingniu turned around and left.

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