Chapter 40: Three People, Five People (1) (Part Three)

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Seeing Xiang Qingniu disappear, Chuchen Zi dashed out from behind the stone statue, tidied up his clothes, and said with a serious expression, “Asking you to recite Dao De Jing is to help you understand the Great Dao of Nature that Patriarch of Daoism left for us. This… you don’t need to be loud to be sincere. The breeze in the spring is silent, yet it is within nature. The grass is also silent, and it is also within nature. Therefore…”

“Master, we got it!” the disciples replied in unison and started to recite in their minds.

Chuchen Zi nodded in satisfaction and thought, “They all have great potentials.”

Xiang Qingniu returned to his room and got under his blanket. When he got onto his bed, he accidentally knocked off a cash coin, so he quickly picked it up and blew the dirt off it before putting it back to its place. On the side of his wooden bed, there were stacks of countless cash coins, silver taels, and silver certificates.

Of course, he knew how much he had.

Looking at those stacks of money, Xiang Qingniu murmured, “Oldman Xiao said that you can’t tour the world without 1,000 taels of gold. When can I save that much money? I’m only going to stay here for five years. If I can’t make 1,000 taels of gold in five years, I’m leaving anyway. Second Senior Brother probably didn’t take that much money when he left; I can go as far as him for sure.”

After saying that, he shook his head and murmured, “I can’t travel as far as Second Senior Brother.”[Support the real translators and read on Noodletown Translations for free.]

Then, he felt hungry and couldn’t sleep again. Therefore, he got up, making the fat on his body shake. He quickly ate the left-over roasted meat and snacks and patted his belly in satisfaction, making the fat flutter outward.

After eating, he was going to sleep. Counting money was laborious and should be done in the afternoon after well-resting.

Soon, Xiang Qingniu’s snores could be heard.

After about two hours, Chuchen Zi appeared before Xiang Qingniu’s door. With half of his body hidden behind the door, he whispered, “Uncle-Master, are you still asleep?”

Xiang Qingniu flipped around and continued sleeping.

“Someone came from the Capital, and he is waiting for you in the front. Are you going to meet him?”

“Oldman Xiao sent someone here? No!”

“No… he is a eunuch from the Royal Palace, and he has His Majesty’s edict. Although you are being invited to go to the Martial Arts Academy, you aren’t being invited to view the entrance exam but to supervise it.”

“The Emperor sent someone here?” Xiang Qingniu suddenly sat up, rubbed his eyes, and said, “The Emperor sent someone… then I should go. I can ignore Oldman Xiao’s words, but I can’t ignore the Emperor.”

Chuchen Zi sighed in relief and thought, “I thought Uncle-Master is afraid of nothing. It seems like he is at least respectful toward the Emperor.”

“Second Senior Brother said that I need to listen to the Emperor of Great Sui and can ignore all other emperors. Since Second Senior Brother said it, it must make sense. Therefore, I will go this time. The supervisor… food must be included, right?”

Xiang Qingniu grabbed his clothes and walked out while saying, “I’m going to the Capital now. Take care of the Mu Mountain Daoist Temple. Anything can happen, but the monthly income must stay the same at worst. Also, I know exactly how much money I have in here. Even if a cash coin is missing, I will pull out all your beard and beat you by hanging you on the beam of the building in the front.”

“Uncle-Master, don’t worry. That… the Imperial Commissioner is still waiting for you in the front.”

“Tell him to go back. I will head to Chang’an myself.”

After leaving Mu Mountain, Xiang Qingniu realized that he forgot to bring food with him, and his stomach was already growling. He was planning to go to the town closest to Mu Mountain to get some food, but he realized that he would pass out due to hunger about one kilometer away from that town after doing detailed calculations.

At this moment, he suddenly heard noises behind him. He turned around and saw about seven horse-drawn carriages. The grooms were all muscular men who didn’t look like good people, especially the thin old man who was on the second carriage; Xing Qingniu felt an instinctive resistance toward him.

While Xiang Qingniu hesitated, the curtains over the windows of the compartments on the carriages opened, and many charming women looked out. This instantly eliminated all his thoughts about asking for food. In his eyes, these succubus-like women were scarier than that old man with the giant liquor gourd.

When he felt helpless, he suddenly noticed that he was lucky.

About 100 meters behind this caravan fleet, there was another horse-drawn carriage.

A middle-aged man was the groom, and the horsewhip made a ton of noises. Beside this middle-aged man, there was a young man in black. His eyes were closed as if he was asleep.

This wasn’t the important part.

The most important thing was that the groom was eating meat while using the horsewhip.

The meat was extremely aromatic.

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