Chapter 41: Three People, Five People (2) (Part One)

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As soon as Xiang Qingniu saw Fang Jie, he knew that this guy wasn’t a good person. Although Fang Jie seemed to be asleep with his eyes closed, Xiang Qingniu was sure that this guy noticed him already. It was simple; he noticed this young man before seeing the meat in the groom’s hand.

For some reason, Xiang Qingniu knew that this young man wasn’t ordinary.

He didn’t know why he was so confident in his judgment, so he started to hesitate. “Should I block this horse-drawn carriage? If this young man is really a hidden master, will I lose out instead of benefiting from this?”

Xiang Qingniu would never do businesses that lost him money.

In the end, Xiang Qingniu gave in; he felt like the meat that the groom was eating looked delicious.

He was about 100 meters away when he spotted this horse-drawn carriage, and this carriage was only about 20 meters from him when he realized that Fang Jie was a tough figure to deal with. When he decided to stop this carriage, he was only about ten meters away.

Xiang Qingniu made a plan, and he felt like it was executable after careful calculations.

Therefore, when the horse-drawn carriage was about three meters away from him, he closed his eyes and groaned before falling, lying on the road. If the horse-drawn carriage didn’t stop, one of the wheels would roll over him. However, he calculated and knew that the groom could react in time but couldn’t stop the horse-drawn carriage.

Perhaps a wheel would hit him but wouldn’t roll over him.

Judging from the weight of this horse-drawn carriage, he felt like he wouldn’t be that injured.

Of course, Xiang Qingniu did all these calculations for the horse-drawn carriage to hit him. If he wasn’t below it, how could he get onto the carriage? If his legs weren’t injured, how could he stay on this carriage for a long while? In order to stay on this carriage and get food, it was worth it to be hit by one of the wheels.

Xiang Qingniu thought all this in just a few seconds. He wasn’t only talented; he was experienced as well.

When he left One Qi Daoist Temple on Pure Joy Mountain at the age of nine, he didn’t bring any money. He was able to travel through almost the entire Great Sui in six years for a reason. He relied on this talent in the beginning, but he grew more experienced later.

When Chuchen Zi learned that Xiang Qingniu traveled around Great Sui in six years, he was touched and realized that his little uncle-master was someone with great persistence and resilience. When Spiritual Master Xiao of Pure Joy Mountain found out, he was silent for a moment before shaking his head and saying, “I probably can’t travel around Great Sui in six years without any money. Junior Brother is talented and terrifying.”

Great Sui was huge; an ordinary person might not be able to get to every place in Great Sui in 100 years.

Xiang Qingniu always thought that he was talented, only a bit less talented than his second senior brother.

Xiang Qingniu’s calculations weren’t off. When he fell onto the ground, one of the wheels of this horse-drawn carriage was only about ten centimeters away. Then, he closed his eyes and applied force to his left leg, trying to stop the wheel. Although this horse-drawn carriage was worn-out, it had a big frame and should weigh at least 500 kilograms. Also, the horse-drawn carriage was moving at a fast speed, so bones might be injured if he didn’t protect himself.

Xiang Qingniu closed his eyes and applied force, but he then opened his eyes in confusion three seconds later. He looked at his left leg and then at the wheel.

The wheel was still about ten centimeters away; it didn’t move.

At this moment, the young man in the black scholarly robe jumped off and squatted beside Xiang Qingniu. He stared at Xiang Qingniu’s fat face and said earnestly, “Daoist, such smooth movements.”

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