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Conquer the World Chapter 41.3

Chapter 41: Three People, Five People (2) (Part Three)

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Xiang Qingniu was so scared that he didn’t even dare to open his eyes, and he put his hands together and begged, “This hero… eh no… this asura who is in the same business as me, we are all cultivators. Although we aren’t from the same world, it is fate that brought us together. I just ate the meat that you gave me; I will pay you back, ok? The Mu Mountain Daoist Temple Master is my nephew-disciple, and I have at least a few thousand taels of silver in my backyard. I will give them all to you, ok? Please don’t grab me. Please! Although I lied and tricked others before, I never did anything terrible…”

“I didn’t grab you.” Qian Jin was surprised and stunned.

He looked at Xiang Qingniu and said, “Can’t you look back? Do I look like the hungry ghosts in the so-called Path of Asura?”

“No!” Xiang Qingniu shouted while struggling to break free, “Hungry ghosts that eat people’s souls are in another path. How can there be hungry ghosts in the Path of Asura?”

Then, he slightly opened his eyes and saw that a beautiful hand grabbed his ankle. He shouted, “Ah! How come there is a woman in the compartment of your carriage?”

Fang Jie was feeling anxious; he didn’t know what this fat daoist meant. He turned around and asked Mu Xiaoyao, “What is his cultivation strength?”

After a moment of silence, Mu Xiaoyao replied with uncertainty, “No strength… but you know, I can’t sense extremely powerful people… like in Fangu…”

Mu Xiaoyao didn’t finish, but Fang Jie understood her.

The owner’s wife of Yun’s Meat Shop in Fangu and the crippled old man of Beckon of the Red Sleeve had avoided Mu Xiaoyao’s detection, and this was a huge blow to her confidence.

“How can he be such a master?” Fang Jie couldn’t help but refute.

“Of course I am!” Xiang Qingniu instantly argued back when hearing Fang Jie doubting his strength, “How can you say that I’m not a master? Quickly release me, or I will wipe out all of you with a finger!”

Hearing this, Fang Jie was surer of his initial assessment.

“Can you let me go?” Xiang Qingniu sneaked a peek at the woman in the red dress before quickly looking away. For some reason, he was scared of women; he was more scared of them compared to Fang Jie’s palm.

“I can let you go, but you have to tell me what you saw in my palm,” Fang Jie said to Xiang Qingniu in all seriousness.

“Just treat it as if I didn’t see anything. I have nothing to do with your appearance in the human world. Just treat it as if we never met, ok?” Xiang Qingniu replied.

“I won’t let you go if you don’t tell me.”

“Are you playing with me, or are you really unaware of your fate?”

Fang Jie thought for a moment before saying, “I want to know what you saw. If you get anything wrong, you won’t be able to get off this horse-drawn carriage. If you are right, I will release you.”

“Really?” Xiang Qingniu asked.

“Of course; I won’t lie to you.”

“Alright… don’t regret it.”


Xiang Qingniu took a deep breath and said with caution, “The Patriarch of Daoism said that there are six paths in the world. One is the Path of Heaven; the gods who control the world are on this path. Another is the Path of Asura… demons who oppose the Path of Heaven are here. These demons find joy in killing and are extremely greedy. From your palm… from palmistry, you should be a dead man… and you are from the Path of Asura.”

“Are you sure?” Fang Jie asked with a frown.

“The Patriarch of Daoism said… The Patriarch of Daoism left a detailed analysis of Great Dao, and it talked about the Six Paths.”

“Six Paths? Isn’t it something that the Buddhist Sect talks about?”

“They are shameless! The Patriarch of Daoism came up with the theory first!”

“Eh… that aside. How can you be sure that I’m from the Path of Asura?”

“Ordinary people would have four clearest lines on their palms, and three of them would cross at the most. However, if all four lines cross at the same point where there is a red mole, then this person is a demon from the Path of Asura. Anyway… Words of Patriarch of Daoism contains such analysis.”

“So, are you sure?” Fang Jie asked again.

“I…” Xiang Qingniu froze for a second before begging with a bitter smile, “So, should I be sure or unsure?”

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