Chapter 42: Three People, Five People (3) (Part One)

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The horse-drawn carriage moved forward, and a bronze bell made tinkling sounds.

Seeing the bronze bell hanging inside the compartment of the carriage, Xiang Qingniu felt like crying. Now, he was sure that this young man in black wasn’t a good person. Even if this young man wasn’t a demon from the Path of Asura, he was a bad egg.

After learning that he was from the Mu Mountain Daoist Temple and had thousands of taels of silver, this young man didn’t believe that he had no money on him. After searching his body, the young man only found this worthless bronze bell and even took it.

Xiang Qingniu had once thought that getting onto this horse-drawn carriage was a display of his luck, but now he realized that it was the beginning of his nightmare.

“I need that for eating,” Xiang Qingniu said to Fang Jie and wanted to get the bell back.

“You should say that you need it for fooling others.” Fang Jie rolled his eyes and said, “Don’t try to fool me; I know what it is for. At a remote place that has less information, you will shake this bronze bell with one hand and carry a banner with the other while saying that you call read into people’s past 500 years and future 500 years, right?”

Xiang Qingniu replied seriously, “I never said that. I usually say that I can read 1,000 years into both the past and future.”

“I admire you!” Fang Jie cupped his hands and said, “Then, treat this bronze bell as your payment for the food. It will kill some boredom on the way. Right… you said that you are also going to the Capital. Why are you going there?”

“I’m going to the Martial Arts Academy.”

“Oh? You are also going to the Martial Arts Academy?”

Xiang Qingniu froze for a second and asked, “You mean you are also going there?”

“No!” Fang Jie shook his head and said, “But I got a friend who is waiting for me in Xiang City in the front. We are going to the Capital together. He is a participant in the entrance exam this year, and he is from a big family. He is rich, so we don’t need to worry about eating and drinking on the way.”

“That is great!” Xiang Qingniu instantly forgot about his worries, and he opened his eyes wide and asked Fang Jie, “Do you know why I’m going there? I bet you can’t even imagine.”

Fang Jie chuckled and said, “You haven’t said if you are sure that I’m a dead man. Also, you haven’t confirmed if I crossed over from the Path of Asura yet. If you are sure, you shouldn’t be this prideful before me. Do you want me to show my true form and devour you?”

“Actually… I don’t know if the Six Paths exist or not,” Xiang Qingniu replied awkwardly.[Support the real translators and read on Noodletown Translations for free.]

Fang Jie said with slight anger, “Then, why were you so afraid?”

Xiang Qingniu replied, “The Patriarch of Daoism said such things, so it must be true, right? He had such profound strength and wisdom, and he saw through life and death. There must be a reason behind what he said.”

Fang Jie snorted and said, “The Patriarch of Daoism and the Buddha are all deceivers… why are you going to the Capital?”

“I’m the supervisor!” Xiang Qingniu stuck out his chest and said, “I’m the supervisor in this year’s entrance exam!”



Fang Jie kicked Xiang Qingniu off the horse-drawn carriage, and the latter fell on his face unlike a master. If this scene was captured in slow-motion, others could see the beautiful view of the fat on his face slowly rippling like waves.

Xiang Qingniu’s fat body sent a ton of dust into the air.

This fatty whose status was only below that of Spiritual Master Xiao of Pure Joy Mountain in the Daoist Sect cursed in anger. Then, he got up and chased after the horse-drawn carriage. Although he was fat, he wasn’t slow. He quickly caught up and climbed up from the back of the carriage.

He wanted to crawl into the compartment, but he suddenly realized that a beautiful woman was inside. Upon thinking of this woman who had a slender waist and a pair of snow-white long legs, Xiang Qingniu shivered in fear, jumped off the carriage, and ran to the front before crawling up again.

As soon as Xiang Qingniu got on, the horse that was pulling the carriage groaned.

“If you know whose butt you kicked, you will regret this.”

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