Chapter 42: Three People, Five People (3) (Part Two)

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Fang Jie snorted and said, “You sure are shameless; you climbed back up after I kicked you off.”

Xiang Qingniu looked at Fang Jie and said seriously, “If others learn that I’m the supervisor for this year’s entrance exam at the Martial Arts Academy, do you know how many people will want to carry me on sedan chairs lifted by eight people? Do you know how many treasures that will be stacked before me? Your little carriage won’t be able to contain all those treasures. Can you imagine the rank 3 and rank 4 officials flattering me? I’m sitting on your carriage to appreciate you… Ouch! You are kicking me again!”


Seeing the fat daoist falling on the ground for the second time, Fang Jie said in contempt, “Although I have fooled others as well, I never dared to make such a big lie. If you are the supervisor, then I’m Principal Zhou Banchuan of the Martial Arts Academy!”

The fatty climbed onto the horse-drawn carriage for the second time with difficulty, and he begged while dusting off his robe, “I’m only trying to get a free ride. Can you be more polite?”

“I won’t kick you if you stop BSing.”

“Ay… why won’t you believe me?” Xiang Qingniu seemed to have recalled something as he cupped his chin and said desolately, “When I was in Yangtze-Huai Circuit, no one doubted me when I told them that I’m the reincarnation of the Patriarch of Daoism. Such a big lie fooled many people… now, I’m being beat when I’m telling the truth. What the heck is this?”

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-Seeing-Off Pavilion eight kilometers to the east of Xiang City-

Seeing the fancily dressed middle-aged man who had a dark face and was standing outside this pavilion with his hands behind his back, Fang Jie felt a little nervous. Although this man didn’t look that dignified, he had the unique presence of an influential figure, suppressing others around him.

This man didn’t say anything, but his cold glance made people a little uncomfortable.

This man had a square face, and his beard was well-cut. He looked to be about 40 years old, but his physique was great other than his slightly bulging belly. Although he didn’t have an official position, he had a noble title as the marquis of county.

Such a person was high-up for ordinary people.

Therefore, when Fang Jie saw the slight disdain in this middle-aged man’s eyes, he didn’t feel repulsive since he had said that people with short visions always disregarded others. However, Fang Jie still showed sincere respect on his face as he bowed and displayed proper manner.

“Greetings, Senior.”

“Senior?” The middle-aged man was surprised, and then he shook his head and said, “You are Lueshang’s friend, and you helped him greatly last night. You are a savior to the Cui Family. If you don’t mind, you can call me uncle.”

Before Fang Jie could say any polite words, the middle-aged man continued, “Lueshang had told me what happened last night. Although what you did was a little careless, it was necessary. Although the Cui Family isn’t that famous in Xiang City, others can’t bully us easily. Since Lueshang must participate in the entrance exam of the Martial Arts Academy, this can’t be delayed. You are friends, so it would be best for you to travel together; I will be less worried as well.”

With that said, this man waved his hand, and a few servants pulled over a few handsome horses.

The middle-aged man frowned when seeing the slightly worn-out horse-drawn carriage and said, “Since you are going to the entrance exam of the Martial Arts Academy, it would be best for you to ride on horses. Otherwise, people will find you lazy in the Capital. These horses will be gifted to you, and I will arrange for a few servants with good martial arts to protect you along the way. All the expenditure will be taken care of by them.”

Then, this man looked back at Cui Lueshang and said, “You are lazy since you were little, and I didn’t have high hope for you. I was planning to let you handle the family land when you settle down a little, but your aunt tried hard and helped you obtain this opportunity. You shouldn’t disappoint her. Try your best in the Capital.”

Cui Lueshang quickly lowered his head and said, “I got it.”

Cui You, the Master of the Cui Family, snorted and said, “Your aunt is now an imperial noble consort, and the people of the Li Family and the Liu Family know about it and didn’t come out to cause trouble when you were nominated. However, those few b*stards probably don’t know about it. Otherwise, why would they have such vicious and dumb ideas? Don’t worry about things here. I want to see what they can do to our Cui Family!”

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