Chapter 42: Three People, Five People (3) (Part Three)

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“Father, sorry for troubling you. It is my fault,” Cui Lueshang said with his head lowered.

“Go; don’t act like a little kid. The Martial Arts Academy needs brave heroes and not timid children.”
After saying that, Cui You turned around and was about to leave. After taking a few steps, he turned back around and asked Fang Jie, “Young man, what is your name?”

“Fang Jie, zi Juexiao.”

Cui You nodded and said to Fang Jie calmly yet seriously, “The Cui Family will remember this name.”

When Cui You was about to leave, Xiang Qingniu jumped out and blocked him.

Xiang Qingniu pointed at himself and asked, “You asked that kid’s name; why not mine?”

Cui You was slightly displeased, but he didn’t show it. He asked, “What is your daoist title?”

“I don’t have a daoist title, but this doesn’t matter. I will tell you something; don’t be scared. Are you ready? Listen up… I’m the supervisor in this year’s entrance exam of the Martial Arts Academy. His Majesty especially went an imperial commissioner to invite me to Chang’an.”

Hearing this, Cui You’s brows and lips both twitched. He took a deep breath, called over a servant to get a few pieces of silver, and placed the smallest in Xiang Qingniu’s hand.

“Please treat yourself on the way. My son’s future is in your hand. Goodbye…”

Seeing the small piece of silver in his hand, Xiang Qingniu was about to flip out when Fang Jie dashed over, covered his mouth, and dragged him onto the horse-drawn carriage.

“Gongzi Cui, do you know why I’m going to Chang’an?” Xiang Qingniu sat on the carriage and asked Cui Lueshang who was riding on a horse, “I promise you that you will fall off your horse upon knowing it.”

Cui Lueshang looked at Xiang Qingniu before turning to Fang Jie who was excited by the joy of riding the horse.

Although Fang Jie was a scout at Fangu, there were only a few horses in the military. Other than completing missions, no one was allowed to touch them. Fang Jie always liked the feeling of dashing on horses, so he was pleased to have one for himself.

“Did you bring silver?” Fang Jie asked Cui Lueshang.

Cui Lueshang nodded and said, “My father knows that I’m used to spending money, so he prepared many silver taels. However, the servants are carrying them; I don’t have much on me.”

Fang Jie replied, “Give a silver tael or two to this daoist as a gift; he will get you into the Martial Arts Academy.”

Xiang Qingniu glared at Fang Jie before saying to Cui Lueshang politely, “There is no need. Since I’m the supervisor, I need to abide by the law. I can’t be bribed. But since your facial features are unique, you must have a great future. How about this? If you buy me meat and liquor on the way, I will perform divination for you once for free.”

“Ok!” Cui Lueshang nodded and thought, “Since we are traveling together, it must be fate. Also, it doesn’t hurt to have one more friend.”

Xiang Qingniu nodded in satisfaction before leaning on the compartment and resting with his eyes closed.

Fang Jie looked at Da Quan, Xiang Qingniu, and Cui Lueshang and thought about Mu Xiaoyao who was probably sleeping with her beautiful legs exposed. He pondered, “The team enlarged, so this trip to the Capital won’t be boring.”

Upon thinking, Fang Jie stretched and chanted, “A sage once said… three people… five people…”

Cui Lueshang asked, “Isn’t it ‘among three people, there must be one who can be your teacher’?”

[TL Note: This is something that Confucius once said.]

Fan Jie replied, “Among three people, there must be one who can be your teacher. Among five people, there must be an idiot.”

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