Chapter 43: Within A Thought (Part One)

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There was a peach forest on Pure Joy Mountain.

It was the time of the year where peach flowers bloomed. Looking from afar, half of the mountain was pink, and people wouldn’t want to move their eyes away. Even a master painter wouldn’t be able to portray the beauty of this scene.

One Qi Daoist Temple could be vaguely seen through the peach trees.

Since Spiritual Master Xiao of One Qi Daoist Temple set off on a journey to Chang’an, many wealthy merchants and influential figures stopped coming to the temple.

It was rare to see so little people on the 2,999 steps before the gate of the temple, making the mountain, the temple, and the peach forest quiet.

When the peach flowers bloomed, visitors weren’t allowed to enter the peach forest. It was hard to tell if the daoists were afraid of visitors destroying the natural beauty or there were secrets here.

Since One Qi Daoist Temple had a prestigious status, even the Governor-General of Yangtze-Huai Circuit wouldn’t break the rules of the temple, let alone more ordinary visitors.

There was a pavilion inside the peach forest that had no name.

Visitors used to be able to come here and rest.

But since a big figure came to live at One Qi Daoist Temple, this pavilion almost became her property. Even when the daoists of the temple wanted to come here, they had to get permission from that young lady. If she got angered, the managing daoist would reprimand the daoists for entering this place.

This young lady was more beautiful than flowers, but her temper was something else.[Support the real translators and read on Noodletown Translations for free.]

This young lady was no other than Wu Yinyu, Wu Yidao’s daughter who moved into One Qi Daoist Temple at the cost of 15,000 taels of gold.

[TL Note: In this context, Yinyu means hidden jade.]

This young lady was 15 years old, and others would be fond of her upon seeing her. However, perhaps Wu Yidao spoiled her too much; she was short-tempered.

On her first day inside One Qi Daoist Temple, this young lady placed her hands on her waist and asked Crane-Chirp Daoist, the elder disciple of Spiritual Master Xiao, where she would be living.

Crane-Chirp Daoist pointed at a stand-alone building, but Ms. Wu didn’t even turn her head and pointed at the peach forest before saying, “I want to live there.”

From then on, the pavilion in this peach forest became her property.

Also, the fenced-off residence deep inside the peach forest where Spiritual Master Xiao would cultivate when the peach flowers bloomed became her property as well.

The weather today was great enough to make people feel happy. However, the beautiful Ms. Wu wasn’t in a good mood. The expensive zither was on the stone table in the pavilion, but Wu Yinyu who liked playing it wasn’t interested in it today.

[TL Note: Chinese zither is the proper name, but we will use zither instead for simplicity purposes.]

Her slender fingers caressed the zither, but her mind was somewhere else.

Her maid named Azalea saw that she wasn’t happy, so she placed the lotus-heart-grade tea that was just made beside Wu Yinyu and asked, “Miss, what is going on today? Why aren’t you even interested in playing the zither?”

[TL Note: The name of this maid is Du Juan, which is the name of a flower. We used the English name of this flower instead to make it flow better. In ancient China, maids were most given names of flowers and beautiful plants.]

Wu Yinyu had an oval-shape face, and she looked exquisite; others would find her extremely cute even when she frowned.

She caressed the strings of the zither and sighed, “When I was in Chang’an, Luo Weiran, the Captain of the Royal Guard, tested me and said that out of 128 qi-points, 122 of them are open. Even he said that I’m a rare genius, and he wouldn’t be able to find another person like me in Great Sui, let alone Chang’an.”

Wu Yinyu asked Azalea, “Luo Weiran said this, right?”

“Yeah!” Azalea was proud of her miss, and she said, “Captain Luo even wanted to take you as his final disciple! I don’t know how powerful Captain Luo is, but I think many people want to become his disciple.”

Wu Yinyu nodded, but her frown didn’t disappear. “But why aren’t anyone paying attention to me?”

“What do you mean? Miss, since you came to One Qi Daoist Temple, you lived in this residence that only Spiritual Master Xiao could live in, and others can’t come to this pavilion without permission. Before Spiritual Master Xiao left, he ordered Crane-Chirp Daoist to satisfy all your demands. It means that he values you!”

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