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Conquer the World Chapter 43.2

Chapter 43: Within A Thought (Part Two)

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“That is because my dad gave him 15,000 taels of gold,” Wu Yinyu sighed, “If he really thinks highly of me, why didn’t he bring me to Chang’an to view the entrance exam of the Martial Arts Academy but brought that girl instead?”

“Miss, you mean that… Mo Ningzhi?”

“Who else but her?” Wu Yinyu looked up at the peach forest and sighed, “At home, I’m a little bird; Dad is afraid of me getting hurt, so he didn’t allow me to touch anything. That residence is huge, but isn’t it a big cage? Now, I occupied this peach forest of One Qi Daoist Temple, but isn’t it a bigger birdcage?”

Wu Yinyu suddenly stood up, clenched her fists, and said, “I’m going back to Chang’an!”

“But Miss, we just escaped from Chang’an.”

“No worries!” Wu Yinyu said, “We already gave Spiritual Master Xiao 15,000 taels of gold. Can he only protect me inside One Qi Daoist Palace? If he can’t protect me in Chang’an, I will ask Dad to get the gold back! Others might not know, but I know! That old man is extremely greedy!”

-Royal Study, Chang’an-

Emperor Yang Yi of Great Sui looked at the official who was standing before him with a bent back.

Slap! He closed the memorial to the throne and threw it beside that official.

Then, the Emperor slightly tilted his body backward, stretched his neck that was sore, and said with slight anger, “Is this the victorious strategy that the experts in the Ministry of War created after pulling several all-nighters? I even feel ashamed for them! Great Sui was established by a powerful military! The military never lacks talented generals and elite soldiers! Look at this strategy! Do you think you can fool me because I haven’t led soldiers myself?”

“Using elite soldiers to sneak pass Nirvana City and raid the encampment of Mandu Flag? Retreat after the raid and set up an ambush on the way, killing all the soldiers that Mandu Flag gathers in a hurry?”

The Emperor suddenly raised his voice as he looked at the official before him, “Do the advisors under you think that war is child’s play? Great Sui hasn’t had any war in close to 20 years. I inherited the throne after Shang was conquered… Did the officials in the Ministry of War already forget how to fight a war?”

“It is my fault!” Yu Donglai, the Head of Ministry of War, instantly knelt and didn’t even dare to pick up the memorial to the throne that the Emperor threw on the ground.

The Emperor turned around and pointed at the giant map of Great Sui and said, “Is the map in the Ministry of War different from the one here? Can’t those book worms see what terrain is here at Wolf Breast Mountain Range? Raid? Even if the infantrymen of Great Sui are fast, can they outrun the cavalrymen of Mongo-Yuan? Raid them and retreat? Ambush them half-way? West of Wolf Breast Mountain Range is flat grassland! Where is the location of the ambush?”

The Emperor pointed at the map and asked, “Yu Donglai, you are the one who presented this memorial to the throne; tell me where to ambush the enemies!”

Yu Donglai lowered his head and didn’t dare to speak.

Emperor Yang Yi got off his heatable brick bed, and Supervising Eunuch Su Buwei quickly knelt and helped the Emperor put on his shoes.

After the Emperor stood up, Su Buwei remained kneeling and helped the Emperor straightened the hem of the royal robe before standing up and backing away.

The Emperor glanced at Mu Donglai and said, “You aren’t as considerate as a servant.”

Su Buwei quickly lowered his head and said, “Your Majesty… Mr. Yu is responsible for the Ministry of War, so he has many things to worry about. All the soldiers and equipment around Great Sui have to be managed by the Ministry of War, and there are other things. I only need to serve Your Majesty well. Everyone has specializations.”

The Emperor nodded and said, “Everyone has specializations; good, good.”

Even Yu Donglai cast a glance of gratitude toward Su Buwei and thought, “This Su Buwei is much better than that Wu Peisheng. That Wu Peisheng was a cunning figure; he would only do things when there was a benefit. When there was none, he would kick you when you were down.”

As soon as Yu Donglai thought of Wu Peisheng, the Emperor asked about this dead man.

“Wu Peisheng died at Fangu. The report from the Ministry of War said that he died while assisting the military. Although he isn’t a complete man, he had such courage; he deserved my trust. I was planning to give his nephew back home a nominal position and reward him with a big residence. However, I suddenly thought of something last night. Everyone who left the Capital didn’t come back alive this time. This is strange. Yu Donglai, send someone to investigate. I already ordered Hou Wenji to send people of the Intelligence Department, so the Ministry of War needs to do something as well. If the report is true, I will reward Wu Peisheng’s family and the soldiers and residents of Fangu!”

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