Chapter 43: Within A Thought (Part Three)

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“However, if there are hidden…” The Emperor looked at Yu Donglai and didn’t say anything else.

Yu Donglai replied, “Your Majesty, the report that the Ministry of War presented shouldn’t be false. Great General Li Yuanshan of Right Valiant Guard reported this first. Your Majesty, you know that Li Yuanshan is fair and just; he wouldn’t dare to deceive Your Majesty.”

“Li Yuanshan is trustworthy.”

The Emperor nodded, kicked the memorial to the throne on the ground, and ordered, “Take this back. All the officials in the Ministry of War will be deducted one year of salary. If those advisors are trying to fool me, I have no use for them! If they can’t present a usable strategy, I will let the Martial Arts Academy do it.”

“I got it.”

“Alright, get up.”

The Emperor drank a bit of tea and said slowly, “I have been on the throne for 11 years. I haven’t moved the military not because I’m afraid or unwilling. When I move the military, it should be like a tsunami! The target would be Mongo-Yuan and not Southern Yan or Eastern Chu. You know how important this war will be. If it goes well, you all will be praised in the history books. However… if it goes poorly, you all will be called names along with me! But don’t worry, I would never take the blame for others. If this war goes poorly, I have the courage to build a new Ministry of War.”

“I will go back now and create a strategy myself.”

“Go.” The Emperor waved his hand.

Since he sat cross-legged on the heatable brick bed for too long, his legs were a bit numb, so he walked around in the Royal Study.

Then, he suddenly thought of something and asked, “Su Buwei, what is your opinion? What do you think about using a bunch of rookies in this western expedition?”

Su Buwei replied with his head lowered, “I don’t dare to discuss politics. Also…”

The Emperor asked, “Also what?”

“Also… it would be hard to go through Principal Zhou…”

After freezing for a second, the Emperor said with slight anger, “I said so! Even the most talented students won’t listen to me after entering the Martial Arts Academy for three years! If I want to use them, I need to go through Zhou Banchuan… Whatever. Just treat it as if I’m thinking and trying to have fun.”

-The City of Fangu-

Flowers had bloomed in the Capital, yet the snow in Fangu hadn’t melted away. The border soldiers on the city walls weren’t those 800 veterans; they were from Right Valiant Guard.

Although these soldiers were still under Li Xiaozong’s command in name, he knew that he couldn’t move them.

There were still residents in Fangu, and the few signature buildings were still bustling, but these people weren’t the original residents.

On a day when the market opened, more than a dozen people appeared at the edge of the forest outside the west gate of Fangu. These people were rare inside Great Sui; they were bald, wearing grey clothes, hanging buddhist prayer beads on their necks, and carrying demon-conquering pestles.

A young monk was the most unique among these people. His brows were exquisite like that of beauties, and his figure and behaviors were delicate.

All his features were able to arouse others’ jealousy.

He was wearing a red monk’s robe, making him stand out even more.

“Your Holiness… Fangu is before us. However, that person seemed to have already left for Chang’an, the Capital of Great Sui, to participate in the entrance exam of the Martial Arts Academy,” a monk in grey said to this young monk in red with respect, “If he enters the Martial Arts Academy, it would be hard to do anything.”

“The Martial Arts Academy…” the handsome young monk in red murmured and replied, “Then, I will go find him in the Martial Arts Academy.”

“We can’t easily enter Great Sui, let alone the Martial Arts Academy,” a monk said with anger.

“Because of the bald head?” The monk in red pointed at his own head and laughed, “Our bodies are only carriers, and not having hair is to eliminate the roots of mortality. However, the Wisdom King had said that the body isn’t crucial as long as one’s heart is aimed at becoming a buddha. Therefore, everything can change with a thought.”

After saying that, hair started to grow on this monk’s head at a visible speed. Soon, his hair reached his shoulders.

Then, this monk took off the string of buddhist prayer beads from his wrist and tied his hair behind his head with it.

Now, he looked no different from a handsome young man of Great Sui.

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