Chapter 46: Flying-Fish Robe (Part One)

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Fang Jie got into the compartment of the carriage, threw his saber to the side, and took the liquor bag from Mu Xiaoyao’s hand before chugging some liquor.

Outside the compartment, Da Quan swung the horsewhip and made the horse speed up, keeping the distance from the caravan fleet of Beckon of the Red Sleeve.

Without question, if they traveled with Beckon of the Red Sleeve, they would be more composed when facing danger. After all, that crippled old man was an insanely powerful master.

Although this old man hadn’t demonstrated any insane abilities yet, Fang Jie believed that this old man who protected the entire Beckon of the Red Sleeve alone wouldn’t be a weak person. With so many beauties in the group, there would be many people who had ill-intentions toward them.

Since the crippled old man could handle all that, he was way stronger than he appeared to be.

“Now, I’m sure that they are members of a governmental agency.” Fang Jie put down the liquor bag and found that his palms became sweaty. “If I’m not wrong, something must have happened in Fangu!”

Mu Xiaoyao’s body shivered upon hearing this, and she looked at Fang Jie subconsciously. She discovered that the eyes of this young man who never looked sad before got wet.

Mu Xiaoyao saw this side of Fang Jie for the first time.

“Perhaps… you are overthinking it.” She couldn’t do anything but try to comfort him.

Fang Jie slowly shook his head and said with a hoarse tone, “Even I don’t know my identity, so this governmental agency probably isn’t working with those people who have been trying to hunt us down. After all, the governmental agencies of Great Sui are too proud to work with other forces. As a result, it is easy to think this through. Like I analyzed before, some people in the government want to kill me because they don’t want me to get into the Martial Arts Academy. I shouldn’t have any secrets that would make them afraid other than the incident at Fangu. Those people who died that night should be all from the government, and they were investigating corruption there. To escape from the charges, Li Xiaozong put all the blame on me, trying to kill me first to clean himself. Now that those people are dead, Li Xiaozong couldn’t explain it to the central government. I’m thinking about how Li Xiaozong could hide this fact. After all, too many people know about it; all the border soldiers know. If Li Xiaozong wants to cover this, then…” Fang Jie paused and didn’t want to continue.

“Unless he kills all the border soldiers and says that the enemies attacked? You are the only person among the border soldiers who is alive, so some people don’t want you to enter the Capital. To cover such a big incident, the Ministry of War couldn’t do it alone. Why are you so unlucky? I could only that may the Patriarch f*cking bless you.” It wasn’t Mu Xiaoyao nor Da Quan; it was Xiang Qingniu.

Fang Jie was surprised as he looked at this fat daoist who lifted the curtain in the front and crawled into the compartment.

“When did you get on?” Fang Jie asked in surprise.

Xiang Qingniu rubbed his nose in pride and said, “I already told you that I’m an insanely powerful master. I can even enter the most securely guarded place in the world, let alone this worn-out carriage.”

“Of course…” Xiang Qingniu sat down and grabbing some food; it felt like this was his carriage. He explained, “The main reason is that I’m too hungry to ride the horse. Although I’m an insanely powerful master, I would have no energy when I’m hungry; my limbs would even shake. This feeling is terrible. When I’m hungry, I must find food to eat. Therefore, I didn’t try to eavesdrop; I’m only looking for food.”

Fang Jie was silent for a moment. Then, he grabbed the roasted chicken leg that was already cold and oily from Xiang Qingniu’s hand, and then he handed over a small paper bag.

“Eat a few pieces of this when you have this feeling,” he said.

“Candies?” Xiang Qingniu opened the paper bag and pouted. “Can’t you be a bit more generous? Can’t I eat one of your chicken legs?”

“This works better.” Fang Jie was too lazy to explain anything.

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