Chapter 46: Flying-Fish Robe (Part Three)

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In the last few days, a middle-aged man would appear dozens of meters away from the dock and fish. He had a big straw hat, wore grey clothes, and only carried a stool, a fish bucket, and a fishing pole. He would sit there for a whole day. Although he didn’t catch many fish, he still seemed interested.

The local ferrymen who were careful noticed that since the appearance of this middle-aged man, more vendors could be seen around the dock, and they were all strange faces.

Some people also accidentally discovered many rare top-tier warhorses tied to a hidden place in the forest behind the reed marsh.

This middle-aged man didn’t talk much with others. Some people would come over to talk with him respectfully for a short moment before walking away, so this caught others’ attention.

This middle-aged man was polite and casual when talking with others, and it could be heard from his dialect that he was from the region around the Capital; his dialect was a bit different from the local dialect.

This man looked ordinary; he wouldn’t catch others’ attention if he was in a crowd. Perhaps others would walk past hundreds of such people daily.

He had a medium build, and he didn’t have a beard. Even though he sat by the river in the sun for a few days, his skin didn’t turn darker and stayed pale. His nose was tall, his brows were sharp, his eyes were bright, and his lips were thin. He should be quite handsome when he was young.

Although there were wrinkles at the corners of his eyes, and he seemed a bit tired, he still had the charisma of a mature man, looking calm and composed.

Every day at noon, a person would bring him food. Although there were only a few common dishes, a fish was a must, regardless if it was fried or steamed. Also, there was always liquor.

Most of the ferrymen liked liquor, and they could smell the aroma from far away. Therefore, some people who were more extroverted brought over pieces of dried meat and wanted to trade for some liquor. That person never rejected anyone; he always smiled and nodded, drinking with those who came over. Gradually, this person made some friends in the area.

However, one thing was strange. This person only drank one jar of liquor, regardless if he was drinking alone or drinking this jar of liquor with ten people. Even when some fishermen brought over their own liquor and wanted to share it with him, he didn’t drink any.

Therefore, the fishermen reached a consensus; this person was nice but also strange.

On the sixth day after this man first appeared at Maple Forest Ferry Dock, his family member brought him lunch and liquor as usual. This family member was a young man who was muscular and looked handsome. Although he was in ordinary clothes, he looked clean and well-maintained. The only drawback was that his right eye was blind; a vertical scar ran down his face from his forehead to his chin, crossing his right eye.

People felt like this young man was this middle-aged man’s son, so they said that this young man demonstrated filial piety by bringing food to his father every day on time.

After this young man placed the meal box on the side, he whispered something to this middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man who was fishing nodded and waved his hand. Just as the young man was about to leave, the middle-aged man called him.

The middle-aged man pointed at the bottom of the young man’s robe and asked calmly, “Tianbao… do you still remember how you lost one eye?”

The young man shivered with uncontrollable fear in his single eye, and he replied, “Deputy, I don’t dare to forget.”

The middle-aged man nodded and said, “If you make such a low-level mistake again, I will blind your other eye with my saber. Of course, I would have no use for someone who is completely blind.”

This young man named Gao Tianbao instantly knelt and hid the corner of his fancy robe that was showing underneath the common clothing.

The fancy robe was beautiful; it was dark red with some silver lines and patterns on it.

The officials of Great Sui would become fearful upon seeing the corner of such a robe. It was the flying-fish robe!

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