Chapter 47: A Eagle and A Dog (Part Two)

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Cui Lueshang said with a hoarse tone, “At Mu Mountain, you saved my life. Although I’m not a great hero, I know that I need to repay you. Now that you are in trouble, how can I ditch you?”

After pausing for a second, he continued, “Also, my guards all died. I can’t stay away from this; they killed my family members. Even though they were only my guards, there is animosity between me and those assassins now!”

Fang Jie was stunned; he never thought that Cui Lueshang had this level of courage. He wanted to dissuade Cui Lueshang, and now he didn’t know what to say.

Xiang Qingniu sighed, “He is a great man, but he is a little too foolish.”

Cui Lueshang glared back and said, “There are things that men must do, and there are things that men shouldn’t do.”

Da Quan thought for a moment and said, “If your father knows about this, he will be mad.”

After a moment of silence, Cui Lueshang shook his head and said, “He has other sons. If I die, I will reincarnate as a workhorse to repay him. If I survive by luck, my father will probably agree with my decision.”

Fang Jie rubbed his nose and suddenly clutched Xiang Qingniu’s neck before saying viciously, “See his courage? Look at how timid and dirty you are! If you don’t tell me who those assassins are, I will strip you naked and kick you off the horse-drawn carriage!”

“You don’t need to ask him… I know already,” Cui Lueshang said seriously, “Although I’m not knowledgeable, my father had mentioned some secrets to me, and I memorized them all. He had said that the most terrifying people aren’t those cultivation masters but a group of disciplined assassins. When you were talking, I suddenly recalled this. Perhaps these assassins are those people who my father mentioned.”

“Who are they?”

“Great Sui’s… Intelligence Department.”

Cui Lueshang didn’t know that much. These secrets came from that woman of the Cui Family who was an imperial noble consort inside the Royal Palace. Since she was an imperial concubine before, her status was low, so she didn’t know that much. Also, Cui Lueshang wasn’t interested in these things, so he didn’t ask further questions.

After that incident happened today, he suddenly recalled this. Although he knew the name of this organization, he didn’t know much about the Intelligence Department of Great Sui.

Although not many people knew about the Intelligence Department of Great Sui, Fang Jie was sure that Xiang Qingniu knew, and so did the crippled old man of Beckon of the Red Sleeve. Otherwise, the latter wouldn’t have looked at Fang Jie that way and said that these people were assassins who kill assassins and scouts who kill scouts.

Fang Jie was a scout at Fangu, so he knew what this phrase meant.

Finally, the shameless fat daoist revealed the information that he knew after Fang Jie stopping give him meat and liquor. However, Xiang Qingniu still got all the remaining candies from Fang Jie for this.

“Everyone knows there is an agency that protects the Royal Palace inside the Capital, safeguards the Emperor, and also arrests those who try to rebel. Although the head of this agency doesn’t have a high official position, he is greatly influential. The residents of Chang’an and the officials are all afraid of this agency. Even those officials who are above rank 3 first-tier need to be polite toward the head of this agency,” Xiang Qingniu cleared his throat and said, “This agency is the Royal Guard.”

Fang Jie froze for a second before asking, “You mean the ones who tried to assassinate me are royal guards?”

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