Chapter 48: Disappeared (Part One)

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Many people were coming and going at the Maple Forest Ferry Dock. This was the only connection between Xiang City and River-East State as well as the Capital.

Xiang River was the biggest river in the northwest of Great Sui, and many famous people were born on the two sides of the river. For example, there was Li Luan who was the previous family leader of Long-West Li Family, and there was also Great General Luo Yao who was protecting Yong State in the south.

Luo Yao used to live at River-East State, and he was recognized as the most talented figure of River-East State in the last 100 years.

There were dozens of ferryboats at the Maple Forest Ferry Dock. Except for the governmental ferryboat, many fishermen were acting as ferrymen right now. The governmental ferryboat was big and didn’t cost much to board, but there were way too many people at the ferry dock, so one big ferryboat wasn’t enough.

Although the fishing boats were smaller, the fishermen were all great at maneuvering. They grew up beside Xiang River, and they were extremely familiar with the behavior of the water all-year-round.

However, it was clear that Aunt Xi of Beckon of the Red Sleeve didn’t trust the local fishermen that much; she ordered the caravan fleet to park by the river and wait for the governmental ferryboat to come back.

The grooms and the horse-drawn carriages of the caravan fleet were all hired at Fangu, and they were the only few residents of Fangu who were still alive.

After passing Xiang River, there would be big horse-drawn carriages waiting for people to hire, so Beckon of the Red Sleeve didn’t need to worry about not being able to get on the road right away. Also, only a few kilometers away from Xiang River, there was Guanle, the second biggest city in River-East State. Since it was right by the Maple Forest Ferry Dock, there were many inns inside the city.

There were too many people in Beckon of the Red Sleeve, so they would need to hire more than a dozen fishing boats. Therefore, it made sense that Aunt Xi wanted to wait for the big governmental ferryboat. Beckon of the Red Sleeve was comprised mostly of beautiful girls, and the ensemble had saved a ton of money in the last few years; they had to be careful.

When these dozens of beautiful girls got off the horse-drawn carriages by the river, they instantly became the center of attention. These fishermen had never seen so many beautiful girls together, and each of these girls was as pretty as a fairy, making others unable to move their eyes away.

The crude and straightforward men all became welcoming, and many of them invited these girls to get on their boats.

The girls of Beckon of the Red Sleeve were never afraid of men, and they weren’t scared by these fishermen who were too excited to control themselves. Some girls even asked the fishermen of good spots to tour on the other side of the river.

While waiting for the big governmental ferryboat to return, some girls went to the vendors around the dock to buy fresh fruits and snacks. Although the prices were much higher here, the vendors didn’t cheat their customers by playing tricks on the scales.

This showed the pride that people of Great Sui had. These vendors charged more since they had to transport items to the bank of the river, but they stayed clean in their dealings.

If someone cheated their customers, even their competitors in the same industry wouldn’t go easy on them, let alone their customers.

The area around the dock became bustling after the girls of Beckon of the Red Sleeve got off the horse-drawn carriages.

After getting paid, the grooms from Fangu all went back the way they came, and it would take them about two months to get back. However, none of them could imagine that their family members all died, and their homes were destroyed. In the end, these few grooms didn’t escape their tragic fate as well.

When the area around the dock became bustling, even the middle-aged man who had been fishing here calmly for the last seven days turned his head, and others didn’t see him making a hand gesture behind his back.

Seeing this, about eight people walked toward the dock, and a few vendors’ expressions slightly changed. Without other people noticing, they moved the weapons that were hidden to places that were easy to reach.

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