Chapter 48: Disappeared (Part Two)

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In the forest behind the reed marsh, some leaves on a big tree moved slightly. A man who had branches tied onto his body made a hand gesture below, and at least 50 people who were in dark-red flying-fish robes grabbed onto their weapons.

Gao Tianbao who had a blind eye stood on a tall hill. When he saw the worn-out horse-drawn carriage slowly getting to the ferry dock, a smile appeared on his face. This smile was complicated as it contained pride, relief, and a trace of bone-chilling bloodiness.

He took off the robe that he was wearing outside and revealed the flying-fish robe that could scare many people in the Capital.

A pair of strange weapons hung on his belt; even those in the martial arts circle rarely used them. It was hard to learn this weapon and harder to master it; it was a pair of hooks.

The middle-aged man who was fishing also saw the worn-out horse-drawn carriage and the few tall horses that were following the carriage.

There wasn’t anyone riding on these horses, and the groom had a big straw hat and wore a big cloak on a sunny day; it was a strange sight.

However, this middle-aged man didn’t care about how strange it was. As long as this horse-drawn carriage appeared by this ferry dock, the people inside would die. As the Deputy of the Intelligence Department, this middle-aged man had this level of confidence.

At this moment, the float moved, and this middle-aged man pulled a big fish out of the water. This fish struggled in mid-air and splashed water all over the place.

This man smiled and murmured, “A perfect fish; I can fry it or steam it, whichever I like…”

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“Public officials on duty!”

A loud shout sounded from the side of the reed marsh, and dozens of people in flying-fish robes charged over with sabers in their hands.

Before the travelers and vendors at the dock could react, the horse-drawn carriage at the back was surrounded.

These people didn’t plan to assassinate Fang Jie at this place.

They only station many people at this ferry dock to deal with any sudden changes.

Just by saying that public officials were on duty, the travelers and vendors would quickly move away.

In Great Sui, most people were respectful and fearful of the government. It wasn’t a simple task for an empire that was more than 100 years old to keep this level of prestige in the minds of its people.

Great Sui had corrupt officials, but some of them did real work. The people of Great Sui didn’t hate all corrupt officials; they only hated those who were corrupt but did nothing for the people.

Therefore, Fang Jie had said that this was a nation based on reality and ideology. There was nothing much to complain about even if people were a bit poorer.

Seeing that Fang Jie’s horse-drawn carriage was surrounded, the girls of Beckon of the Red Sleeve quickly rushed back to Aunt Xi’s side but still stared at that carriage.

In their minds, Fang Jie was still their companion. Most of them couldn’t touch the secrets of the world, so they still felt like Fang Jie was the landlord of Red Sleeve Pavilion and the boss of Gold Essence Shop.

When Fang Jie was attacked a few days ago, Aunt Xi told them that enemies of the Cui Family tried to kill Cui Lueshang, and Fang Jie stood out to help, making these girls like him more.

Therefore, while they paid attention to the commotion around the worn-out horse-drawn carriage, many of them looked at Aunt. Xi, wanting her to help.

However, Aunt Xi didn’t move, making these girls disappointed.

At this moment, they realized that a middle-aged man who looked peaceful and was holding a meaty fish appeared beside Aunt Xi.

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