Chapter 49: Entanglement (Part Three)

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Before he could say anything else, Xiang Qingniu slowly pressed down both of his hands in a horse stance and said, “Did you see? This is the pressure of power. Since I used it, those people fled in fear. Only a newbie like you who has little experience in the real world would say something like that woman is powerful.”

Then, Xiang Qingniu said with slight anger while blushing, “Did you see that I was using my strength and releasing my pressure of power?”

Just as Cui Lueshang was about to reply, he heard a long fart.

Xiang Qingniu instantly blushed, smiled awkwardly, and walked away.

Cui Lueshang’s expression instantly became interesting as soon as he breathed, and he ran back and cussed, “This damn fart under the pressure of power… is impressively stinky!”

At the same time, something was happening about five kilometers away from the Maple Forest Ferry Dock where Xiang River was the calmest.

When the fishing boats slowly floated on the river, people could sometimes see big fish leaping above the water. Although this section of the river was calm, there were too many reed marshes on the two sides, so it wasn’t suitable for docking boats. That was why the Maple Forest Ferry Dock was built at its current location.

A fisherman suddenly saw a few black figures moving quickly under the water, and his face changed color under shock. The black figures in the water were about the size of humans, and this fisherman almost collapsed onto the boat after thinking about the fierce iron-head fish in legends.

“Quick! Woman, throw the prepared pig head, wild chicken, and lamb into the river! The River God is below us! Don’t waste time!”

This fisherman’s wife was also startled by this, and she quickly threw the prepared items into the river.

The lamb that was struggling when it landed in water quickly disappeared after making a few splashes. Seeing this, this couple collapsed onto the boat and didn’t dare to look. After a long while, the two reacted by kneeling on the boat, placing their hands together, and praying for mercy.

It seemed like one of the black figures was devouring the lamb. After making a few tumbles, it swam around the boat. The fisherman who saw this was terrified and fainted.

Fortunately, that figure didn’t stay around after eating the lamb, and it swam around the boat before slowly dashing toward the other side of the river and disappearing.

The woman who was holding her husband couldn’t stand up, and she cried and tried to wake up her husband.

After the fisherman woke up, he saw that his wife was safe, and the fishing boat was still here. He heaved a long sigh of relief, hugged his wife, and cried together, celebrating their escape from death.

While crying, the wife looked up and suddenly saw a few reed stems standing on water and moving away with those black figures.

On the governmental ferryboat, Cui Lueshang looked at the worn-out horse-drawn carriage that was ditched on the dock. He suddenly thought of something and asked in fear, “Did you bring the liquor and meat from the horse-drawn carriage? If that woman in red and that fierce groom find out that we didn’t bring all that, we will be in trouble…”

Xiang Qingniu said seriously, “Why would I be scared of those two? As to that groom, I can take down 20 people like him with a finger. As to that woman… you know that a gentleman wouldn’t fight with a lady! Of course… For the unity of the five of us, I brought all the liquor and meat onto the boat.”

Cui Lueshang thought, “Why did you say all that? You bluff so much, but you become a scaredy-cat in front of that woman in red…”

Cui Lueshang sat down in the front of the boat and sighed while looking at the waves ahead.

“What is going on?” Xiang Qingniu asked.

After thinking for a moment, Cui Lueshang said, “Although I don’t understand Fang Jie well and don’t know what relationships he has with those two, it seems like they can live together and die together. I’m envious of such relationships. If I can have such friends… I could die without regret.”

Xiang Qingniu rolled his eyes and said, “Only newbies like you who have never experienced the world would say such things. The relationships between people are simple; everything could be summarized as benefits. However, if they must be explained in a complicated way, it would be emotional entanglement.”

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