Chapter 50: Before You (Part One)

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On the east bank of Xiang River, Fang Jie carefully crawled out of the water and looked around. After making sure that there was no danger, he crawled onto the land in exhaustion.

Although Mu Xiaoyao could sense others’ cultivation levels and Da Quan could smell murderous spirit, after learning that there was a group of ordinary assassins who could shut all their emotions, Fang Jie finally realized that over-reliance on Mu Xiaoyao and Da Quan might kill him.

Fang Jie lay on the grass and breathed heavily like a demon who came back to the human world from Hell and was greedy over the fresh air.

While resting, Fang Jie suddenly thought of one issue.

He realized that his luck was extremely bad. When he got to this world, he was the target of a manhunt. More than 15 years passed, and he still didn’t know why those monks wanted to kill him. Both Da Quan and Mu Xiaoyao were unwilling to tell him.

Even if Fang Jie believed that he was a genius, he couldn’t apply logic and reasoning to this situation.

After finally accumulating enough counts of military merit and getting the chance to go to Chang’an where those monks didn’t dare to enter, he became Li Xiaozong’s scapegoat, and he was ambushed several times along the way. He was only about half-way to the Capital; he wondered if he could make it to the gate of the Martial Arts Academy alive.

However, Fang Jie had to admit that the skills of the assassins of Great Sui were better than that of those monks. If those monks were able to shut down their emotions like those assassins from the Intelligence Department, Fang Jie would have died when he was still a baby.

Therefore, Fang Jie deeply memorized the name of the Intelligence Department as well as Hou Wenji, the Department Head.

After recovering a portion of his stamina, he sat up and looked toward Mu Xiaoyao and Da Quan, seeing a scene that made him speechless.

Mu Xiaoyao was all wet, and she was shaking off the water in her hair. Her red dress was tightly wrapped around her body, outlining her perfect figure and showing a sliver of her skin tone. Her chest was full, her abdomen was flat without excess fat, her waist was slender, and her butt was round. Then, there were her beautiful legs that were enough to make men’s noses bleed.

Perhaps it was for her to move freely, her dress had two big openings at either side of the hems.

Now, she stood by a tree, and one of her beautiful legs was exposed in the air. Fang Jie had never seen such a pair of beautiful legs in his life. It was inevitable for dirty thoughts to appear in his head.

Fang Jie tried hard and finally managed to pull his eyes off Mu Xiaoyao. Although Mu Xiaoyao didn’t have the prettiest face since some girls in Beckon of the Red Sleeves were prettier, her most lethal weapon was her body.

The scene that Fang Jie looked at could kill any man who had normal bodily functions.

Sensing one of his body part reacting to this scene, Fang Jie shook his head in frustration and forced himself to look at Da Quan.

This method worked like a charm as Fang Jie soon returned to normal.

This dirty-looking guy was still holding that lamb. Fang Jie wondered if this lamb had cultivated before since it was still alive after drowning. Also, Fang Jie admired Da Quan for not letting go of this lamb.

At this moment, Da Quan suddenly sat up and asked Fang Jie, “How about we eat roasted lamb tonight?”

Fang Jie wanted to laugh, but he felt like it wasn’t the right situation to laugh.

The Maple Forest Ferry Dock was controlled by the Intelligence Department, so this side of Xiang River was probably controlled as well. If he didn’t think of the method of submerging under the water by using hallow reed stems to breathe, perhaps they would have to go around this location for a long while to avoid the people of the Intelligence Department.

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