Chapter 50: Before You (Part Three)

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The Phoenix-Chirp Daoist’s role was clearly separated from that of the Crane-Chirp Daoist, Spiritual Master Xiao’s first disciple. He only had to focus on cultivation, and the Crane-Chirp Daoist who was smooth and humble managed all other affairs of the daoist temple.

Although the Phoenix-Chirp Daoist sat in this horse-drawn carriage alone, there were a ton of gifts for the Emperor including the Words of the Patriarch of Daoism that Spiritual Master Xiao copied himself and the new tea that was just taken from the tea garden at the back of One Qi Daoist Temple. It had to be mentioned that pure-dew tip, the tea that Pure Joy Mountain produced, was worth more compared to level 9 lotus-heart.

In the compartment of the third horse-drawn carriage, there was Spiritual Master Xiao who always looked dignified before others. He was in an ink-colored daoist robe, and he held a daoist horsetail whisk that rested on his legs as he sat cross-legged. He was in the compartment alone, and it looked quite empty inside.

Spiritual Master Xiao who was sitting there quietly suddenly opened his eyes, and his expression changed as if he thought of something. After a moment of hesitation, he ordered the people outside the compartment, “I suddenly obtained a sliver of inspiration from Heavenly Dao, and I need to cultivate in here. Before I come out, no one is allowed to interrupt!”

“As you wish!” the daoists that were around the horse-drawn carriage replied in unison with respect on their faces. They thought, “The Daoist Temple Master sure is the leader of Daoism. He can even sense Heavenly Dao in the compartment! No one else could do this in the world!”

These daoists were proud to be members of One Qi Daoist Temple.

Hearing the response, Spiritual Master Xiao relaxed and threw the daoist horsetail whisk to the side. Then, he took off his shoes and socks before looking at his feet and his right hand.

In the next moment, he started to rub his feet, looking intoxicated.

About 20 minutes later, he put on his socks and shoes, restored his dignified look, and said after clearing his throat, “I’m done cultivating; I have grasped a sliver of Heavenly Power.”

Everyone instantly admired him more.

In the third horse-drawn carriage, there were two women; they didn’t sit together but to the opposite side of each other.

One of them wore a cyan daoist robe that only belonged to low-level disciples of One Qi Daoist Temple, and her hair was tied into a bun with some strands of hair loose. Her facial features were delicate.

Her eyes were closed at the moment, and her long brows slightly curved upward. Her cute nose, red lips, smooth skin, and perfectly shaped face could make even the pickiest person admit that there were no shortcomings. The more that someone looked at her, the more beautiful she seemed.

She sat there quietly like a dark lotus.

The woman who sat opposite to her was pretty as well. However, she looked less pretty and more valiant. She wore a red robe that looked similar to Mu Xiaoyao’s dress, and she looked like a blooming flower. However, since she was holding an unsheathed longsword in her arms, she looked extremely chilling.

The woman who was holding the sword in her arms suddenly sighed and said, “Mo Ningzhi, do you always want to kill me?”

The woman in the daoist robe slowly opened her eyes, looked at the other woman for a while, and replied lightly but earnestly, “Chen Qingshan, you want to kill me as well. However, I’m not capable of killing you, but you also can’t kill me. It is meaningless to think about such things.”

Chen Qingshan laughed and looked at her cold longsword while saying, “Not exactly. When I’m really tired of this so-called mission and want to live another life, I will kill you.”

“When is that?” Mo Ningzhi asked.

Chen Qingshan thought for a while and said, “When I’m powerful enough not to worry about the person who gave me this mission.”

Mo Ningzhi was silent for a while before she nodded and replied, “Ok… I will try to become more powerful than you before you can kill me.”

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