Chapter 52: Red Horse, White Tiger (Part Two)

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“No,” Fang Jie replied with a smile, “Just do what I said. As long as Mong Ge’s head is working properly, he wouldn’t get suspicious. He would even drop his guard toward Northern Liao.”

Now, Da Quan and Mu Xiaoyao had each pulled over a horse. After they cupped their hands and thanked Wanyan Zhongde, they got onto the horses and rode to Fang Jie’s side.

That girl of Northern Liao looked at Fang Jie differently. She had never sensed the composure and confidence that this young man had on any men of Northern Liao. Although this young man didn’t say many words, his temperament made her heart race a little.

Northern Liao didn’t lack warriors, but it was hard to find intelligent people like this young man. This girl accompanied Khagan Wanyan Yong of Northern Liao in dealing with the affairs in the clan, so she knew how important intelligence was to a man. In her eyes, this young man could be compared to that sage in the clan, even though this young man who was wet looked disheveled.

“Brother Fang, thank you for your advice!” Wanyan Zhongde cupped his hands and said. Just as he was about to say something else, he saw Fang Jie leaving with the other two.

Then, Wanyan Zhongde sighed and lightly scolded the girl beside him, “Qing’er, you can’t be this careless next time. I only met him once. If we help him like this, trouble might…”

“You are so timid!” The girl named Qing’er rolled her eyes at him and walked away.

It seemed like Wanyan Zhongde couldn’t do anything to this girl. He only smiled bitterly and said, “Brother Fang wasn’t telling us the whole story. Who knows if he offended a big family of Great Sui or if he is being chased by the government? If we offend someone who we couldn’t, it will be bad for Northern Liao.”

“I don’t care about all that.” Qing’er looked at the direction that Fang Jie rode off and said earnestly, “I only know Father told you that the men of Northern Liao need to repay others after being helped; we can’t betray our friends. Sage Fang helped you in Fangu, even told you the plan of Great Sui, and how to make Mongo-Yuan not doubt us as much. What’s wrong with giving him three horses? If we aren’t willing to help this little bit, we would be going against Father’s teachings.”

“I can’t win an argument against you! As long as your heart doesn’t ache… After all, he pulled your Blazing Fire!”

Qing’er pouted and said, “It is fine! I will just ask Father for another great horse. Northern Liao lacks everything but great horses! I’m only worried that they couldn’t control the chilly horses of Northern Liao.”

Wanyan Zhongde said in frustration, “Alright, whatever you say. Let’s not delay any longer. Let’s go right now and leave Great Sui as soon as possible.”

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Fang Jie dashed on the horse and praised in his mind, “This horse seems better than the horses of Mongo-Yuan. This red warhorse is as fast as a strong wind!”

On top of this horse’s great speed, it was smart as well. As soon as Fang Jie had a thought in his mind, this horse would react and make appropriate moves. Leaping, pausing, speeding up, and slowing down… Fang Jie felt like he was controlling this horse as easily as moving his arms.

Fang Jie knew that great horses had to be tamed. Since this horse was so fast and had such a physique, it was an uncommon horse.

“How come this precious horse has such a mild temper?” Fang Jie thought to himself curiously.

The novels and TV series that he had read and watched in his previous life all said that great horses had bad tempers, and only those with great talents and persistence could tame such horses.

However, this horse that looked like a blazing fire when it dashed forward completely changed Fang Jie’s perspective on this matter.

Even Da Quan and Mu Xiaoyao’s warhorses were tamed and didn’t show any resistance toward their new owners; it felt like they weren’t great horses but kittens.

What surprised Fang Jie the most was that this horse that he randomly chose was even exceptional among its peers.

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