Chapter 53: Level 4 Cultivation Strength (Part One)

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Three handsome horses dashed toward the southeast on the public road; they were so fast that they were far ahead of the dust that was sent into the air.

There were two men and one woman. Although there weren’t many people, their presence was sharp and unstoppable.

When the pedestrians heard the noises and moved aside, the horses already dashed by them; they didn’t even get to see who these people were.

Not far away, dozens of people were standing by the road in boredom. They were policemen from the Guanle City, and they received orders in the morning, asking them to set up roadblocks at this place and stop three suspects.

This was the order that the Deputy County Magistrate issued. Although no details were given, they could tell that these suspects were important from the serious expression on the Deputy County Magistrate’s face.

The Guanle City was the second-largest city in River-East State, only second to River-East City. These policemen would usually only patrol around the city and arrest some lousy thieves. It was their first time setting up roadblocks outside the city to capture suspects.

When they discussed in private, they guessed that these three suspects were cold-blooded killers, so they were nervous. They were afraid that they couldn’t block these suspects and couldn’t complete the mission.

Police Chief Liu Feng of Guanle County looked at the five people in flying-fish robes who were standing close by and thought, “It is fortunate that there are masters from the Capital here. I don’t even have confidence in my weak subordinates.”

Then, he peeked at the robes that these people were wearing in envy.

The flying-fish robe was unique to the royal guards. With such a robe on, anyone would be able to walk in the Capital with pride, let alone in the little Guanle County.

Liu Feng started to fantasize in his mind. “If I’m wearing this dark-red flying-fish robe and the bright red cape, even the County Magistrate would have to bow to me and flatter me. Also, Widow Liu who I like but haven’t approached would jump into my arms.”

When thinking about this, his heart started to itch. He thought about that little widow’s alluring figure and sexy lips and what he would do to her.

Just as he started to get hot, a shout extinguished all his fantasies.

“Raise the roadblocks and stop them! Some people are charging over!” A Centurion who was wearing a flying-fish robe shouted.

[TL Note: It seems like Centurion and Chiliarch are positions in the Royal Guard.]

Liu Feng didn’t dare to disobey. After all, this centurion and the County Magistrate of Guanle were all rank 7 officials. On top of that, this figure came from the Capital and was a part of the Royal Guard; his status was much higher.

Hearing the command, Liu Feng instantly ordered his subordinates to move the roadblocks to the middle of the road. Just as they finished that, three handsome horses were already close.

However, it seemed like these riders weren’t slowing down and were planning to jump over the roadblocks.

“Shoot arrows!”

The Centurion in the flying-fish robe commanded and took off the repeating crossbow from his belt. This repeating crossbow was a standard equipment of the military, and it could shoot 12 arrows consecutively. In middle-range combat, it was a killer weapon. Ordinary local policemen weren’t qualified to have such weapons.

Five repeating crossbows were raised at the same time, targeting the three horses and the riders.

When the first arrow got shout out of a repeating crossbow, the policemen of Guanle hadn’t even raised their bows.

Liu Feng reacted the fastest, and he raised his bow right away. However, he used almost all his strength but failed to pull it open.

He cursed and saw that he took out a 200-pound bow from the storage. He just thought that this looked cool, and he didn’t consider if he could pull it open.

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