Chapter 53: Level 4 Cultivation Strength (Part Two)

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Even with only five repeating crossbows, it wasn’t tough to block the public road. The repeating crossbows were fast, and all 12 arrows in each of the crossbows would be shot out in less than two minutes.

When seeing the people in flying-fish robes raising their repeating crossbows, Fang Jie shouted, “You two deal with the royal guards; I will take care of the policemen!”

Mu Xiaoyao replied, “You sure know how to divide the work.”

Then, the red silk ribbon that was coiled around her shoulders and waist flew out as if it had a mind of its own. The red silk ribbon danced in the air like a python, and none of the arrows could pass through.

“Block the way if you want to die!” Fang Jie shouted something that he thought was dominating, and he jumped over the roadblocks on his horse. His red warhorse leaped up for two meters and easily flew over the roadblocks.

With Mu Xiaoyao’s red silk ribbon as protection, the three dashed over almost with no stopping.

At this moment, the Centurion who was in a flying-fish robe shot a chain spear toward Fang Jie’s back!

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Just as the chain spear was about to pierce into Fang Jie’s back, Da Quan jumped off his horse and knocked it away. It was hard to tell what Da Quan’s gloves were made of, making it indestructible.

Mu Xiaoyao saw Da Quan getting off his horse, so she jumped off as well. Her red silk ribbon blocked a few men in flying-fish robes and shouted at Fang Jie who was already more than a dozen meters away, “You go first!”

“Damn it!” Fang Jie pulled on the rein and stopped his horse. Then, he jumped off, drew out his saber on his back, and dashed toward the people who blocked their way. He was fearless when facing the dozens of policemen of Guanle.

“Quickly finish the battle! The enemies behind us will arrive soon!” While shouting, Fang Jie slapped the face of the policeman closest to him with the body of his saber.

Fang Jie used the body of the saber instead of the blade. Otherwise, this policeman’s head would have flown into the air.

These policemen who looked tough in Guanle County had never been through any deadly combat, so they knew nothing about killing, and they didn’t dare to face death.

Fang Jie twisted his body and kicked away the second policeman. Then, Fang Jie jumped over two policemen who were swinging their sabers and smashed another policeman with the body of his saber, sending that person three meters into the air.

Mu Xiaoyao coiled her red silk ribbon around a man in a flying-fish robe and sent him into the air. Then, the ribbon tightened in mid-air like a python killing its prey.

Crack! Many rib bones broke.

When that man fell back down after the red silk ribbon loosened, the corpse smashed onto the ground and sent a ton of dust into the air.

When others looked over, they saw that the corpse was folded in half like a broken wooden staff.

Then, Mu Xiaoyao blocked a saber with her red silk ribbon and peeked at Fang Jie. This young man who she saw growing up seemed a little unfamiliar.

She had never seen such courage in Fang Jie before, and she didn’t realize until now that Fang Jie’s attack speed was fast enough to surprise her.

Mu Xiaoyao didn’t know when this transformation took place, but it was great for Fang Jie.

On top of having agile movements, Fang Jie was a lot calmer. When Mu Xiaoyao watched Fang Jie for a few seconds, she realized that he was using the fastest way to take care of the enemies.

“Is this the same Fang Jie who didn’t dare to kill enemies at Fangu?”

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