Chapter 55: Lies (Part Three)

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Hearing this, Meng Wudi knelt on the ground and started to kowtow while speaking in a shaky voice, “Mr. Zhuo, please speak for me in front of the Department Head. I…. I was blinded by momentary foolishness and accepted money from those people. Mr. Zhuo, I know I’m wrong…”

Mr. Zhuo shook his head and sighed, “You still don’t know where you are wrong. It isn’t a big mistake to accept money from those people of the Li Family and the Ministry of War. You are wrong in the sense that you thought you could hide the things that you are doing in the department from the Department Head. The Intelligence Department belongs to His Majesty, but it will always be the Department Head who manages the department.”

“I know I’m wrong, I really know this time,” Meng Wudi begged while kowtowing; his voice sounded a little hoarse.

Fang Jie, Da Quan, and Mu Xiaoyao looked at each other and heaved a sigh of relief. Then, they felt surprised and became curious about Mr. Zhuo’s identity.

The Deputy of the Intelligence Department was kowtowing before this man; almost everyone would be surprised when seeing this.

Mr. Zhuo sighed again, “The Department Head already mentioned this young man to His Majesty. If you killed him, do you know how much trouble you would bring to the department?”

“His Majesty…” Meng Wudi looked up and turned ashen-faced.

“The Department Head ordered me to leave before you and receive this young man, not to stop you, to kill you, or to remind you… In reality, the Department Head already gave you hints, but your eyes were blinded by money. Your level is so low… it shouldn’t happen.”

After saying that, Mr. Zhuo suddenly turned toward Gao Tianbao and said with slight contempt, “You are more courageous compared to Meng Wudi. You want to kill me.”

Gao Tianbao was shocked, and he took a step backward before shouting at Meng Wudi, “Sir, there are only four of them, but we have more than 100 repeating crossbows, and your cultivation strength is high! Even if they are immortals, they couldn’t escape! Sir, don’t be fooled by him! If we return to the Capital after killing them, no one will know that we did it.”

Gao Tianbao started to run after saying this.

Meng Wudi only showed a hand gesture, and those more than 100 repeating crossbows were raised. Gao Tianbao was turned into a hedgehog, and he stopped breathing before he got more than 20 meters away.

“Break one of your arms, and I will explain everything to the Department Head after I return to the Capital,” Mr. Zhou said lightly before walking away with Fang Jie and the other two.

“Thank you, Mr. Zhuo!”

Hearing this order, Meng Wudi looked joyous instead of fearful.

Puff! He bit his lips with force, and his left arm flew off his body abruptly.

While blood mist appeared, Meng Wudi’s left arm flew away and exploded in mid-air.

Pale, Meng Wudi said to Mr. Zhuo who was walking away, “I will keep my right arm to hold weapons and do more things for the Intelligence Department.”

“Eh.” Mr. Zhuo nodded and waved his hand while saying, “Go. Since I agreed to let you live, I won’t go back on my words. My words have some weight in front of the Department Head.”

Meng Wudi kowtowed once more, stood up, and left quickly. Those in flying-fish robes all followed, not daring to linger around for another second.

After Meng Wudi left, Mr. Zhuo who seemed mysterious and powerful quietly wiped his sweaty palms on his clothes.

He then heaved a long sigh and thought to himself, “Fortunately… no one knows that my palms would become sweaty when I lie. The biggest benefit of this identity is that others don’t dare to doubt my lies.”

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