Chapter 56: Don’t Curse! (Part One)

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After all the royal guards in dark-red flying-fish robes left, Fang Jie still didn’t relax completely. After he came to this world, the first principle that he used was to never believe anyone easily, especially the strangers who suddenly appeared.

Mr. Zhuo seemed to know what Fang Jie was thinking about, so he smiled and said, “It is normal. After all, people have a hard time believing a stranger, especially when this person is from the same place as those people who want to kill them.”

This man answered the question on Fang Jie’s mind even though Fang Jie didn’t say anything!

“Mind-reading?” Fang Jie couldn’t help but ask.

“Mind-reading?” Mr. Zhuo repeated it and nodded while saying, “This name is good too. However, I used to call this ability realm-peeking.”

Fang Jie was about to say something, but he realized that this man in front of him could read others’ minds, so he switched the topic and asked, “Were you born with this ability? Or did you get it after cultivating?”

“There are many people with high cultivation strength, but they could only fight. However, people with unique abilities are different, and their abilities are all strange as well. The world is big, so people who seem ordinary might have insane innate abilities.” Mr. Zhuo smiled and continued, “If I don’t want to, I can’t read others’ minds. However, you must know that reading others’ minds is addicting. I used ten years to control the desire of wanting to read everyone’s mind.”

“If I were you, I would have caused big troubles and got imprisoned or lost my life already,” Fang Jie sighed, but Mr. Zhuo’s expression changed a little. He slowly walked to the spring, cupped his hands to scoop some water, and drank it. Then, he replied, “If I had this level of understanding when I was your age, I would have avoided many wrong paths. I did experience several dangerous situations. As to being imprisoned… when I used those ten years to control my desire… I spent most of that time in prison.”

Then, he laughed and added, “In an extremely firm and cold prison.”

Fang Jie froze for a second and didn’t know what to say.

“Let’s go.” Mr. Zhuo stood up and said, “Since I’m here to receive you, it is time to go back to the Capital. I haven’t been out in several years. After I left prison, I loved the vastness of the Capital. However, after I left the Capital, I almost lost myself. Every time I saw a beautiful place, I wanted to live there and not return. After ten years in that prison, I still couldn’t control my desires. What a shame.”

Fang Jie jumped onto his red horse and said while shaking his head, “If someone could control all their desires, this person must be a sage.”

This time, Mr. Zhuo froze for a moment before nodding and replying, “That is true.”

Fang Jie made a hand gesture and asked, “Are we going to share this horse?”

Mr. Zhuo smiled and shook his head. “No, I have my own mount. However, it is different from your great horses. It couldn’t travel far in a day, and its temper is bad. If it doesn’t want to move, I can’t do anything. Therefore, if we are slow on the road… Please don’t be anxious.”

Fang Jie couldn’t help but guess. “A donkey?”

Mr. Zhuo laughed and replied, “You are an interesting young man. In fact, all three of you are interesting. This trip isn’t meaningless now that I met you three.”

Then, he took out a flute from one of the sleeves of his grey long robe that seemed a little pale due to excess washing, and he played a tune.

Soon, a growl sounded from one side of the forest. Fang Jie couldn’t tell what this animal was, but he was sure that it wasn’t a donkey.

When this animal walked out of the forest, Fang Jie and the other two were stunned.

Mr. Zhuo’s mount was a boar, a wild boar.

This wild boar was big and looked violent yet beautiful. Its two tusks were each more than half a meter long, and they were sharp like the sabers of the military.

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