Chapter 57: Trouble (Part One)

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In the next few days, the journey was boring. Mr. Zhuo said many things on the day that he met Fang Jie, but he focused on the scenery along the way afterward.

He would reply when Fang Jie asked him something, but his answer didn’t fit the question most of the time.

After more than a dozen days, the biggest change was that the fear the three top-tier warhorses showed toward Little Flower decreased, and they dared to walk alongside it.

It had to be mentioned that Little Flower was a boar who had a unique character. When the group was half-way through the River-East State, a female pig that had big eyes caught Little Flower’s attention. Then, it wasn’t willing to move forward anymore and continued to walk in circles.

Feeling helpless, Mr. Zhuo could only jump off this boar and watch ants crawl up a tree, and Little Flower dashed into the fenced yard and did its thing for close to an hour.

Then, this boar returned with satisfaction, but Fang Jie and others looked at it speechlessly.

It seemed like this dominating-looking boar’s legs became weak, and it napped under the shade of a big tree. Mr. Zhuo called it many times, but it wasn’t willing to get up.

Fang Jie smiled and said, “This boar’s name sure fits its character. It is leaving flower petals along the way. When we get to Chang’an that is still thousands of kilometers away, how many female pigs would it see? Wouldn’t it have many offspring?”[Support the real translators and read on Noodletown Translations for free.]

Mr. Zhuo explained seriously, “Actually… Little Flower is quite picky. You know, pigs that are being raised by humans would at least look prettier than wild boars.”

Fang Jie didn’t know what to say.

Since Little Flower wasn’t willing to travel, everyone else had to wait on the side and rest as well. The farmer who owned this land almost fainted in fear after he saw such a big wild boar sleeping before his gate, and Mr. Zhuo who had an extremely high status in the Intelligence Department had to apologize to this farmer and compensate two silver taels. Only then did this farmer woke up from the initial surprise and not punish Little Flower for trespassing; Mr. Zhuo thanked him repeatedly for that.

Since there was nothing to do, Fang Jie got close to Mr. Zhuo and asked, “Mr. Zhuo, can I ask you a question?”

“Ask.” Clearly, Mr. Zhuo who was stingy wasn’t in a good mood, and he stared at Little Flower that was asleep in anger.

“What exactly is cultivation?” Fang Jie asked many people this question including Mu Xiaoyao, Da Quan, and the crippled old man. However, since he couldn’t cultivate, he couldn’t understand the mystical nature of cultivation.

The description that he remembered the most was the one that Mu Xiaoyao gave him. She said that there was a ton of pain. When experiencing a breakthrough, one’s body would be tempered.

Mr. Zhuo looked at Fang Jie and asked, “Why are you so curious about cultivation?”

Then, he placed his hand on Fang Jie’s wrist, and he let go after only a few seconds. He said, “Did no one tell you that you can’t cultivate with your physique? Most people don’t have good talent, and only about one percent of people could cultivation. Among the cultivators, close to 80 percent of them couldn’t surpass level 3. Your physique… is unique.”

“There is only one qi-point open among all 128, right?” Fang Jie didn’t mind this fact since he was hammered by it repeatedly already.

“What do you mean? There are only two qi-points open,” Mr. Zhuo said in all seriousness, “Did you see the farmer who I just compensated? In theory, his physique is even better than yours. Even an ordinary civilian would have three to five qi-points open. Only two out of 128? It is my first time seeing such a case.”

“Two?” Fang Jie froze and felt like his mind was experiencing great turbulence. His feelings were so complicated that he didn’t know if he should be happy or continue to be abased.

In the beginning, he had no qi-points open. That man in cyan somehow helped him open one qi-point, and another one opened silently in the last two months after he left Fangu.

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