Chapter 57: Trouble (Part Three)

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Seeing Fang Jie’s unique physique, Zhuo Buyi could only guess that this young man might be the same type of people as Luo Yao, even if this possibility was sliver to none.

“However, if you want to earn military merit and become a high-ranking official, going back to the northwest of Great Sui is better. With your intelligence and reaction speed, you will have a bright future for sure,” Mr. Zhuo explained to Fang Jie.

Fang Jie smiled and replied, “In the giant Great Sui, there are way smarter people who are from poor backgrounds. However, how many of them made names for themselves? Luo Yao is able to reach this height since he had held the umbrella for the previous emperor. Without this opportunity, he might be a woodman, living in poverty.”

When the previous emperor toured the northwest disguised as an ordinary civilian, an ox somehow became frightened and charged on the street, injuring many people.

Just as the previous emperor was about to order his guards to kill the ox, a young woodman threw the lumber on his back onto the ground and walked forward. He grabbed onto the horns of the ox with his hands and flipped that crazy ox onto the ground. Then, he put a big hole into the head of this ox with his fist.

Afterward, this young man started to hold the umbrella for the previous emperor and worked diligently. When fighting the rebels in the northeast of Great Sui, this young man showed his power again and was promoted to a rank 5 official. From then on, he was unstoppable and won every battle.

This young man was Luo Yao.

When Luo Yao killed that crazy ox with a punch, he was also 15 years old. However, Fang Jie didn’t have this level of strength. He had many ways of killing an ox, but he couldn’t fight it head-on.

That was why Luo Yao was unique and unparalleled.

-Tai Chi Palace, the Capital of Great Sui-

Yu Donglai, the Head of the Ministry of War, quickly walked to the East Warmth Chamber, and Eunuch Su Buwei who was waiting outside quickly bowed and said, “His Majesty is waiting for you and said that you can enter directly. I have been waiting for you.”

Then, he lowered his voice and whispered, “His Majesty isn’t in a good mood; please be careful.”

“Thanks a lot,” Yu Donglai whispered back and straightened his attire before entering the East Warmth Chamber.

He entered with his head lowered, and he didn’t know if there were others in the room. After a glance, he saw two other people sitting in the room, so he felt slightly better.

“If His Majesty is angry and only summoned me, perhaps the problem is big!” he thought.

“Greetings, Your Majesty!” Yu Donglai lifted the hem of his robe and kowtowed properly.

Seeing that the Emperor didn’t say anything, Yu Donglai felt nervous and thought, “Did I do anything wrong in the last few days?”

Before he could finish thinking, a memorial to the throne was thrown and landed before him.

“Read it yourself!” The Emperor’s tone was filled with disappointment and anger. Although it was suppressed, it was enough to scare others.

Yu Donglai carefully picked up the memorial to the throne and opened it. Upon reading only a few lines, his face changed color, and he looked up at the Emperor while sweat covered his back.

Then, he instantly looked down again and pressed his forehead onto the cold green stone tile floor. Since his head was so low, his butt was higher, looking a little ridiculous.

“I failed to investigate this issue properly. Your Majesty, please punish me!”


The Emperor asked coldly, “If I want to take off the six-ridged hat on your head, are you willing? I handed the Ministry of War to you, but you are working with others to fool me! I placed great hope in Li Xiaozong, yet he greatly disappointed me!”

Yu Donglai shivered in fear, and he didn’t dare to say anything else. He sighed in his mind, “The incident at Fangu…. This time… Trouble…”

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