Chapter 58: Rip Open the Ancestral Graves! (Part One)

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Emperor Yang Yi was probably the mildest tempered emperor among all emperors of Great Sui, but it didn’t mean that he was soft. In reality, none of the emperors of Great Sui was soft. Perhaps this was because the elder princes didn’t always get crowned; the emperors always passed the throne to their sons who were the most aggressive, even though this process was cruel.

Perhaps this was the core reason as to why Great Sui hadn’t experienced a decline. Although corruption was unavoidable in the local governments and even the central government at the Capital, the overall strength of Great Sui was still shocking, especially its military.

The military of Great Sui was something that every emperor of Great Sui was proud of, and they wanted the invincible military to continue to hold its honor.

Perhaps the emperors of Great Sui had never forgotten how the previous empire on this land decayed, so they greatly valued the military. Before First Emperor Yang Jian of Great Sui conquered the previous empire, it was also the biggest empire in the region. However, that empire which was also built on a powerful military gradually decayed. The emperors forgot to always sharpen the saber that they held after close to 100 years of peace.

Those emperors got used to writing out beautiful poems and literature with their ink brushes, but they forgot that their ancestors held cold sabers.

In order to prevent generals from rebelling, the emperors of the previous empire promoted scholars and administrative officials. When Yang Jian rebelled, the previous empire couldn’t find a good general to lead the military. It was heard that with only a few thousand elite soldiers, Yang Jian defeated the military of the previous empire, which was said to have one million soldiers, with zero losses.

On a wall in the Royal Study in Tai Chi Palace, there was writing left by First Emperor Yang Jian of Great Sui.

[Be fast like a wind, be steady like a forest, be aggressive like a fire, and be sturdy like a mountain. Be like a dark cloud when hidden, and be like a thunderbolt when moving.]

This was the writing that First Emperor Yang Jian left on a sheet of rice paper with the blood of the last emperor of the previous empire.

Until today, it was framed and hung on the wall, and the bright-red characters warned others.

After reading it, most people believed that it was a piece of advice on how to command the military, but the descendants of Yang Jian believed that it was the secret on how to be a great emperor from the perspective of their ancestor.

Yang Yi stood under this blood writing and looked at Yu Donglai, the Head of the Ministry of War, while saying in a cold tone, “If the Intelligence Department didn’t perform a careful investigation, I would have been fooled by the memorial to the throne that the Ministry of War handed in. I’m not that angry over the disappointment that Li Xiaozong brought me, but I’m enraged by the fact that so many people in the government helped him lie! Helped him fool me!”

Yu Donglai felt wronged since he didn’t accept any money from Li Xiaozong. If Great General Li Yuanshan of Right Valiant Guard didn’t send in a report, he would have already forgotten the young general who was a distant member of the Li Family and got sent to a border city to be a major. However, he did know about the situation at Fangu. He didn’t accept money, but it didn’t mean that Great General Li Yuanshan didn’t try to give him money. There were two gifts sent to the Ministry of War. One was for him, and the other one was for Hou Junci, the Deputy of the Ministry of War.

Hou Junci planned everything regarding the so-called great victory at Fangu, so Yu Donglai didn’t know how to take himself out of this mess. Although he was wronged, he was negligent.

Seeing Yu Donglai not speaking, the Emperor calmed down a little and said, “Hou Wenji, tell the Head of the Ministry of War what exactly happened at Fangu. We have to let him know where he is wrong!”

Hou Wenji, the Head of the Intelligence Department, bowed and said, “As you wish.”

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