Chapter 6: If that Place Can’t Keep Me There (Part One)

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The man in the cyan long robe instantly attracted Fang Jie’s attention. Without question, this man would be the center of the spotlight regardless if he was in the royal palaces or at noisy markets.

His clothes weren’t great; they were a bit worn-out. However, even if he was standing with a group of aristocrats, others couldn’t block his glamor that seemed gentle but was heated like a fire.

Fang Jie was also a little jealous. There was a group of people who didn’t need to use big words to show their knowledge, didn’t need to wear expensive clothes to show their status, and didn’t need money to show their wealth. Their powerful presence could convey the message to others.

With one look, Fang Jie felt like the reserved room on the second floor was for this man.

It would be anti-climatic if it was reserved for a wealthy merchant or an influential official. Although Beckon of the Red Sleeve was only a song and dance ensemble, and the girls here weren’t prestigious, this place wasn’t common, and Aunt Xi wasn’t tasteless.

After seeing that man, Fang Jie wondered if he should invite this man to a drink.

As soon as this idea appeared in Fang Jie’s mind, the crippled old man led this man in cyan upstairs. This was Fang Jie’s first time seeing this crippled old man showing respect to someone.

When turning at a corner, that man in cyan looked back at Fang Jie again.

Although he was far away, Fang Jie still saw a trace of faint yet unhidden interest.

There wasn’t only interest; there was disgust as well.
What was that man disgusted about? Fang Jie didn’t know.

When that man stepped onto the second floor, a few soldiers charged in and pulled Fang Jie out of the door.

“General is looking for you! We need to go to the market!” Fu Baobao who was in charge of finding Fang Jie panted with an ugly expression. It was clear that this wasn’t the first place he looked; he might have looked for Fang Jie in half of the buildings in the city.

“What is it?” Fang Jie asked while running with Fu Baobao.

“You will know when you get there.”

Fang Jie quickly ran to the wooden building that was recently completed and represented the Market-Supervising Department, and he already figured out what was going on.

Hundreds of handsome horses stood there, and the person from Northern Liao who was in a dirty leather robe leaned against a wooden pillar and played a flute. However, the musical notes sounded shivering.

Fang Jie instantly noticed that this person was from Northern Liao due to those people’s unique style. This was a strange race. When Fang Jie saw them for the first time, he thought that he traveled back in time and was in Imperial China.

The men of Northern Liao had long braids. Just like what was depicted in TV shows, these men’s foreheads were shaved clean, and they each had a thick braid behind their heads, looking a bit strange.

Fang Jie roughly understood Northern Liao’s attitude. These people didn’t want to be suppressed by Mongo-Yuan, so they showed willingness to submit to Great Sui more than once.

Perhaps due to the consideration for the big picture, the Emperor didn’t show any interest toward Northern Liao.

Northern Liao was situated on the extremely cold mountain range with hundreds of thousands of peaks, and that place was called 100,000 Mountains by others. Although the territory was vast, there was a lack of resources. The Emperor of Great Sui wouldn’t start a war with Mongo-Yuan for this piece of infertile land and this weak race.

“Think of a solution!” Li Xiaozong looked at Fang Jie with a frown.

“How did he come in?” Fang Jie asked questions instead of answering, “How did so many warhorses enter the city?”

“Li Gandang was guarding the gate! He is a moron!” Li Xiaozong roared, “He took a gold nugget from that person from Northern Liao, and he allowed the latter in. When I asked Li Gandang, he told me that this person isn’t from Mongo-Yuan, and the agreement between Great Sui and Mongo-Yuan doesn’t apply to this man from Northern Liao!”

“This guy…”  Fang Jie couldn’t help but smile bitterly. He knew that Li Gandang was infamous for being greedy.

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