Chapter 6: If that Place Can’t Keep Me There (Part Three)

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Right now, this small figure was talking in the dungeon.

“You Northern Liao people are too foolish.” Fang Jie looked at the leader of these people and sighed, “Do you think that I can’t see your true intention? You want to instigate a war between Great Sui and Mongo-Yuan, right? Forcing Great Sui to accept you? Fools! Even I, a nobody, can see through it. Do you think the big figures in Great Sui are all blind?”

Fang Jie continued, “Do you think that this dumb plan will drag these two empires into a war? Do you think Northern Liao is influential enough? You are too naïve. I bet that His Majesty of Great Sui and Mong Ge of Mongo-Yuan will both laugh when they find out.”

The person standing before Fang Jie was about 25 years old, and he was muscular. He had sharp brows, big eyes, a long face, and thick lips; he looked like a decisive person.

“Mister!” This man from Northern Liao cupped his hand and said, “I admit that you guessed everything, and perhaps the result is like what you predicted. However, as long as Great Sui and Mongo-Yuan start the war, we will help Great Sui to defeat Mongo-Yuan. Will the Emperor still not accept us? Perhaps you would never know that we only want a new place to call home.”

“I don’t understand!” Fang Jie suddenly interrupted, “Why can’t you stay home and live your life? Are you only happy if people die in wars?  Aren’t you afraid that Mong Ge will get angry and order the execution of your clan?”


The man from Northern Liao looked at Fang Jie with pain in his eyes. “You probably have never been to 100,000 Mountains, so you don’t know how cold it is there. Perhaps you think that the winter at Fangu City is bad, but this temperature is even warmer than our spring! If you go to 100,000 Mountains, you will know what real cold means.”

“People of Northern Liao aren’t afraid of the cold; we are afraid of being exterminated. Since the last khagan of Mongo-Yuan, they would do a draft every five years, asking the young men of our clan to become wolf cavalrymen. However, our young men who were drafted were killed on the way. The people of Mongo-Yuan are afraid! They don’t want to see us get stronger, so they are using this cruel way to kill us. If this continues, our clan will disappear in less than 30 years.”

He looked at Fang Jie and asked, “Do you still think that we shouldn’t fight back?”

“What is your name?” Fang Jie asked.

“Wanyan Liyao,” the man from Northern Liao answered.

“Ok, Wanyan Liyao, do you Northern Liao people know how to forge iron?”

“Of course! Our warriors’ curved sabers are sharper than the blades of the wolf cavalrymen! However… we don’t have iron, so we don’t have enough weapons and arrows to defend against the wolf cavalrymen of Mongo-Yuan.”

“You will have enough.” Fang Jie smiled and whispered to this man, “Stay here. If nothing goes wrong, you will be soon brought to a huge city, and many figures who are more powerful than me will talk to you. Perhaps it is a good opportunity for you.”

“In the end…” Fang Jie added, “My general asked me to thank you for your warhorses.”

“Don’t mind it.” Wanyan Liyao shrugged and said, “We lack iron and salt, but we have many top-tier warhorses! Also, only the warhorses of our Northern Liao could endure the cold. I’m not sure if you heard of it before, but Mongo-Yuan wants to eliminate us because only our chilly cavalrymen could charge to the foot of the Great Snow Mountain. The Buddhist Sect wouldn’t allow us to have this ability. They are a bunch of demons!”

Fang Jie nodded and left.

-Inside the reserved room on the second floor of Red Sleeve Pavilion-

“You are here?”

Aunt Xi said to the man before her. Aunt Xi was still beautiful even though she had winkles at the corners of her eyes.

What she said was meaningless. Although she seemed calm, her chest was moving up and down more than usual.

Her plump chest was still eye-catching and was filled with the charm of a female.

“I need to leave, so I came here first.”

“Leave? Where?”

“The most mysterious place in the world.” The man in cyan smiled and said, “I have to go. Otherwise, I will regret it.”

Aunt Xi froze, and a tear slowly slid down her face. “You don’t have other regrets?”

She sounded powerless and sad.
“If that dangerous place can’t keep me there, I will come back for you.”

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