Chapter 60: In the Prime (Part Two)

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-The Headquarters of the Royal Guard-

Luo Weiran, the Captain of the Royal Guard, slowly lifted a cup, lightly blew the tea leaves that were floating on the surface, and took a sip.

Wu Yidao, the richest merchant in Great Sui, gifted him this top-tier red-robe tea. It was heard that 500 grams of such tea could trade for a medium-sized residence in the Capital.

Hou Wenji, the Head of the Intelligence Department, pushed open the door and walked in. Then, he couldn’t help but sniff and praise, “Very fragrant.”

Luo Weiran laughed and poured a cup of tea for Hou Wenji before asking with a smile, “The gloominess that could be seen on your face lately is finally gone. You even have a smile on your face. What happened? Everything is handled after having the meeting with His Majesty?”

Hou Wenji sat down, lifted the teacup to smell the fragrance, and sighed instead of answering the question, “I probably can’t even buy half a kilogram of such tea with my annual salary.”

Luo Weiran laughed and said, “You are underestimating this tea. I can’t buy half a kilogram with two years of my salary. This is the most authentic single-branch red-robed tea. Most of this tea is given to His Majesty as a tribute, and only less than three kilograms of this tea floats on the market a year. There are many rich people in Great Sui who could afford it, but not everyone could buy it; you need status and connections.”

Hou Wenji nodded and said, “No official dares to buy such expensive things. If someone did… Those in the Supervisory Commission will have work to do.”

Luo Weiran laughed after hearing this.

Hou Wenji drank the tea and relaxed before waving his hands and telling the guards at the door to close it. Then, he put down the teacup and said to Luo Weiran, “Your eyes are sharper in this case. If you didn’t give me this piece of advice, I wouldn’t know how to get past this.”[Support the real translators and read on Noodletown Translations for free.]

Luo Weiran shook his head and said, “Even if I didn’t think of this lie for you, His Majesty would still have gone lenient on you. How come you still don’t see it? His Majesty doesn’t want to make the Intelligence Department look bad. Regardless of what you say, His Majesty would vent his anger on the Ministry of War.”

Then, he glanced at Hou Wenji and laughed, “Do you really think that His Majesty is being fooled? You have been the Head of the Intelligence Department for too long, and even you think that the Intelligence Department belongs to you. However, you forgot that the Intelligence Department belongs to His Majesty. If His Majesty wants to know something, who could blind his eyes?”

Hou Wenji froze for a second as his face changed color. Then, he nodded and said, “Yeah, I have been too reckless.”

Luo Weiran smiled and added, “Don’t worry, His Majesty already got what he wanted out of you. This move by His Majesty is too beautiful, and no one expected it. There aren’t only the Ministry of War and us few who are surprised.”

“Who else?” Hou Wenji asked.

Luo Weiran rolled his eyes and replied, “Why are you pretending to be a fool? You don’t look foolish even if you try.”

“I just don’t know who you are referring to.”

“Who else? The military operation will be in the northwest… Who will be involved?”

“Li Yuanshan?”

“Right. His Majesty would need to rely on Li Yuanshan this time. Right Valiant Guard has been stationed in the northwest for many years, so it doesn’t make sense not to use this army that is elite and experienced with the local terrain. Once the war is waged, Right Valiant Guard will be the first to move.”

Hou Wenji fell silent for a few seconds and frowned. Then, he suddenly realized something and slapped his forehead while saying, “I just figured it out! This move is too good! Killing three birds with one stone!”

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