Chapter 60: In the Prime (Part Three)

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Hou Wenji thought for a moment and said, “First, by using this incident at Fangu and killing a few people, all officials would quiet down. Even those conceited ones wouldn’t dare to oppose His Majesty unless they are tired of living or tired of being officials.”

“Second, those who oppose His Majesty in the Ministry of War will all be executed, and the rest will work diligently and won’t want to make mistakes and follow Hou Junci’s path. Once this war begins, the logistics will be crucial, and the Ministry of War needs to plan everything properly. It is very important to tighten the Ministry of War at this moment.”

“Third, Li Yuanshan’s Right Valiant Guard will be used this time. With Li Yuanshan’s talent and those 50,000 elite soldiers, many counts of military merit will be earned once the war begins. To show the prestige of Great Sui and motivate the soldiers, His Majesty will greatly reward all members of the military. However, Li Yuanshan is already a duke of a feudal state and a rank 3 first-tier military official. What else could he be rewarded with? Crowning him as a king and promoting him to a rank 2 official position?”

Luo Weiran shook his head and replied, “The First Emperor of Great Sui stated that no one outside the Royal Family could be crowned as kings. Even inside the Royal Family, only the emperors’ cousins, brothers, and sons could be crowned as kings. Even if Li Yuanshan conquered Mongo-Yuan and captured Khagan Mong Ge with his soldiers, he wouldn’t be crowned as a king.”

Hou Wenji laughed, “That is right. Before the military operation, His Majesty needs to lower Li Yuanshan’s official position. Then, after Li Yuanshan earns military merit, His Majesty could just restore his former position and reward him with some land and money. This is how great His Majesty’s move is! The more I think about it, the more surprised I become. Killing three birds with one stone!”

However, Luo Weiran shook his head and said, “Killing three birds with one stone? Many birds will be killed by this stone.”

Then, he started to count on his fingers. “Other than the three things that you mentioned, many people are also affected by this. For example, His Majesty needs to establish dominance, and no one would dare to be disrespectful and oppose this military operation. Also, by announcing that His Majesty is looking into doubling the salary of soldiers, they will all be thankful and become motivated in the upcoming war regardless if it will actually be implemented.”

Luo Weiran continued while looking at Hou Wenji, “On top of that, His Majesty used this opportunity to warn you. He told you that the Intelligence Department belongs to him, and you are only managing it; he didn’t give the Intelligence Department to you.”

Hou Wenji nodded and drank the tea that had become cold before saying, “Should I let go of more power? I took Mr. Zhuo into the Intelligence Department seven years ago. With him here these seven years, His Majesty didn’t doubt me. It seems like I should let go of more control at this moment.”

Luo Weiran shook his head and said, “Let go of more? If you bring this up, His Majesty will call you an idiot! His Majesty is giving you a warning and not doubting you because he trusts you. Otherwise, do you really think that His Majesty will only deduct three years of your salary? Even rank 1 officials don’t dare to do anything to you, but His Majesty can kill you with only a word.”

Instead of feeling anxious, Hou Wenji laughed, “I know.”

Luo Weiran replied, “Then why were you acting?”

Hou Wenji laughed, “I wouldn’t feel certain if you didn’t say that. Since you think this way, and so do I, then His Majesty is probably thinking this way as well.”

Luo Weiran glared at him and cussed, “You are an old cunning fox.”

Hou Wenji stood up and got ready to leave. “I’m not an old fox. Even if I’m a cunning fox, I’m an energetic fox that is in the prime.”

Lou Weiran laughed and cussed again, “F*ck off. You are always in your prime.”

While these two big figures talked, Fang Jie, a little figure, finally entered Capital Region Circuit after three months of traveling. Although he was still quite a distance away from the Capital, he was close to the Heart of Great Sui now that he was inside Capital Region Circuit.

While riding on his red horse, Fang Jie squinted his eyes and listened carefully.

Da Quan asked in confusion, “What are you listening to?”

Fang Jie smiled and replied, “I’m trying to figure out if I can hear the heartbeat of Great Sui.”

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