Chapter 61: Not Telling You (Part Two)

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This senior wanted to eat osmanthus cake, so he was walking to the town close to ten kilometers away to buy it. Among dozens of people in the family, none of them tried to buy it for this senior. On top of that, no one walked with the senior to assist him. This was outrageous.

Fourth Prince Yang Yi reprimanded them and whipped them, and the children and grandchildren of the senior cried and apologized.

This story circulated in Great Sui, and the emperor of Great Sui at the time soon heard about it. After a long while of silence, he threw away the plan of making the Third Prince the crown prince.

It was heard that the senior in the story lived to more than 90 years old, and he died of natural causes.

Before dying, the senior grabbed the hand of his son who was close to 80 years old and said, “You have suffered, and you weren’t able to raise your head in the village after that incident. However, getting whipped at that time helped our family; we didn’t need to worry about money after that. Don’t we still have that thick stack of silver certificates His Majesty gave me? Now that I’m going to die, you can use a portion of the money to buy a home in the city. Live there with the kids; I can’t let them be mocked as well.”

Of course, no one else knew about this conversation.

Fang Jie only heard this story when he got to Capital Region Circuit. After hearing it, he laughed and murmured a word. Although Da Quan, Mu Xiaoyao, and Mr. Zhuo all heard him, they didn’t understand what he meant at the time.

Upon thinking a bit more, Mr. Zhuo realized that this hooligan-like young man was extremely clever.

Fang Jie murmured the word show.

Capital Region Circuit had seven states. Fang Jie and others traveled into West-Peace State, and they will reach Chang’an after going through North-Land State, Three-Water State, Three-Sun State, and Three-Plain State.

It had to be mentioned that Capital Region Circuit was extremely safe. When Fang Jie and others traveled through River-East Circuit and River-West Circuit, they encountered bandits a few times.

After entering Capital Region Circuit, Fang Jie finally realized why he felt different.

After traveling for hundreds of kilometers in West-Peace State, Fang Jie didn’t even see a beggar in any cities and villages, let alone a bandit.

This was even hard to see in Fang Jie’s previous life on Earth. It was evident that the officials of Capital Region Circuit didn’t dare to slack off.

“Great Sui’s prosperity is rare in the world,” Fang Jie couldn’t help but comment after they rested at an inn in Lulai County.

Mr. Zhuo smiled after hearing this, and he said that the officials of Capital Region Circuit knew one principle and didn’t dare to slack off.

Fang Jie asked what principle it was, and Mr. Zhuo said that since the establishment of Great Sui, most of the officials that the emperors killed were in Capital Region Circuit. Since it was so close to the Capital, and the officials didn’t trust each other, those who made mistakes would soon be reported to the emperors.

The officials had to be careful of people who dared to sue them in the Capital, and they also had to be aware of their peers. No one knew if their friends who drank with them the day before would report their mistakes to the central government.

“The officials don’t trust each other and aren’t protecting each other…” Fang Jie murmured, “Is such a political atmosphere good or bad for Great Sui?”

Mr. Zhuo was interested in this topic, and he sat down and asked, “What is good and what is bad?”

Fang Jie sat onto the bed and lay on his arms while saying, “The good thing is that since the officials wouldn’t cover for each other, the residents would get more benefits, so His Majesty wouldn’t need to worry about officials creating hidden groups and parties. With officials not making parties and aiming to maximize their interests, Great Sui will be extremely stable. His Majesty probably likes seeing this and even helped to create this culture. I have never seen officials this aware of each other.”

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