Chapter 62: Don’t Underestimate Me (Part One)

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Lulai County Town was small; it wasn’t much bigger compared to Fangu. If no one was on the street, one could see across the entire town.

However, any city or town inside Capital Region Circuit was too prosperous for outside people to quickly adapt.

Fang Jie had been though many cities along the way, but he felt like some famous big cities weren’t as prosperous and bustling as these small towns and cities in Capital Region Circuit.

Fang Jie only saw such scenes when the market opened at Fangu. Although it was still far from the Capital, some venders in the county town were selling precious items produced in the Capital. There were many pedestrians on the street, and there was also a lot of merchandise.

Many items that couldn’t even be seen in Fangu were placed on the shelves inside various shops, waiting for customers to take them away. Of course, the items produced in the Capital were all expensive. For example, a small box of makeup produced by the Brocade Manor cost three silver taels.

Silver, gold, and jade accessories produced by the Phoenix Terrace were even being sold by street vendors even though Fang Jie thought that they were fake.

Since no delay occurred, Fang Jie’s group reached Capital Region Circuit earlier than planned. Therefore, Fang Jie and the other three decided to rest in Lulai County Town for a day to recover some energy and purchase the necessities that they needed on the road.

Mr. Zhuo’s mount, Little Flower, was quite honorable. It no longer took interest in other female pigs on the way, proving Mr. Zhuo right. It was a unique and picky wild boar.

It meant the female pig that Little Flower encountered earlier perhaps was really a great beauty among pigs, and it was hard to say if that female pig would feel lonely at night and look up at the stars while thinking about Little Flower.

Mr. Zhuo was extremely lazy. Although he liked natural scenery, he didn’t like wandering on bustling streets. On top of that, his mount was shocking, so he acted lowkey. However, there were many great cultivators in Great Sui, and they had all kinds of strange mounts. It wasn’t too hard for ordinary people to accept such a mount.

For example, when Fang Jie and others were traveling in River-East State, they encountered an immortal-looking daoist who was riding on a seven-colored chital deer.

The rain was pouring one day, and they found a worn-out temple to hide from the rain.

Fang Jie and others got there first, and then the daoist who rode the seven-colored chital deer came in after. The daoist acted arrogantly in the beginning, but he almost peed his pants upon seeing Little Flower. The seven-colored chital deer that looked auspicious didn’t hold up as well.

After Little Flower snorted, the seven-colored chital deer screamed and ran. With rainwater pouring down, the seven colors disappeared, the spots were gone as well, and the antlers even fell off.

The seven-colored chital deer was nowhere to be seen, and it was replaced by a donkey.

Mr. Zhuo rested in the inn, and Fang Jie, Da Quan, and Mu Xiaoyao went out to buy the things that they needed. For example, Da Quan needed meat, and Mu Xiaoyao couldn’t live without liquor.

Inside Capital Region Circuit, the more popular liquors were soju and white spirit that were made by Godly Spring Manor 40 kilometers to the south of the Capital. Of course, the cheap northwest liquor could be bought as well.

Although the liquor in Capital Region Circuit sounded better, they weren’t as strong as the pear flower wine made by Yun’s Meat Shop in Fangu.

As a result, Mu Xiaoyao wasn’t in a good mood lately. In her eyes, not getting the liquor that she wanted was probably the same as Da Quan not eating meat.

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