Chapter 63: Would Ghost Grin Coldly? (Part Two)

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Chen Qingshan froze for a second before smiling charmingly and saying, “You are right; I really want to kill her.”

Fang Jie nodded, looked at Mu Xiaoyao who stood on the street close to the window, and asked seemingly casually, “Chen Qingshan, do you want to kill everyone who could threaten you?”

Chen Qingshan also turned and looked at Mu Xiaoyao before saying, “Don’t worry; she isn’t qualified.”

-On the street-

Da Quan looked at the four puppies and pouted as that senior selling them boasted about how precious this breed was. This senior said that when these four puppies grew up, they could fight with tigers and lions without losing. Of course, such lies couldn’t fool people.

Da Quan rolled his eyes at that senior and suddenly found that the plate which this senior used to feed the dogs was unique. He squatted down and looked at it carefully, and he found that even though it looked dirty, it was used in the Royal Palace of Shang.

Before Luo Yao burned down the Royal Palace of Shang, he packed up most of the good items and send them back to Chang’an as tributes for the Emperor.

Now, any pieces that were used in the Royal Palace of Shang were precious on the market. Anyone knowledgeable in this field would spend a ton of money to buy this plate. Then, this plate could be sold to antique shops for an exorbitant price.

Da Quan looked at the plate and then at the senior while thinking, “This old man doesn’t know anything; how did he get this plate?”

He wanted to buy this plate, but he knew that if he asked to buy this plate directly, this old man would get suspicious and might ask for a lot of money.

Da Quan got an idea and asked, “How much for a puppy?”

“Ten silver taels. No negotiations,” this old man said seriously.

Da Quan clenched his teeth and laughed, “Pure western mastiff dog; ten silver taels is a fair price. Alright, I will buy all four. Can you give me a discount?”

“I already told you no negotiations!” The senior rolled his eyes.

Da Quan thought, “Whatever, this plate is worth at least hundreds of taels of silver, and it could be sold for more than 1,000 taels of silver to the right buyer. For this return, spending 40 silver taels is fine.”

After handing over 40 silver taels, Da Quan put the four puppies in a wooden box and then asked with a trouble expression, “Senior, I need something to feed the dogs with. Can you just give me this crappy old plate?”

The senior rolled his eyes at Da Quan as if the latter was an idiot and said, “Don’t joke around. I need this plate to sell dogs!”

-Xiang River, Maple Forest Ferry Dock-

On the night before Fang Jie met Chen Qingshan, a handsome young man in white got to the Maple Forest Ferry Dock while riding on his white tiger. It was already late at night, so all the ferryboats were docked. All the workers were already asleep.

The young man in white looked at the ferryboats that were docked in an organized fashion and frowned. He caressed the forehead of his white tiger and murmured, “Demon Vanquisher, is it immoral to wake up a fisherman and ask him to get me across the river? If this fisherman starts to shout and curse after I wake him up, will others wake up as well and curse me at the same time? You know that the disciples of the Buddhist Sect couldn’t curse. Regardless of how they curse at me, I won’t be able to curse back, right?”

It felt like the white tiger understood him, and it nodded and let out a low roar.

The man in white smiled. He was so gorgeous that if he was dressed in women’s clothes, others would have a hard time telling that he was a man. He was even more beautiful than most of the women in the world.

“Wisdom King said that we need to do kind deeds. Waking others isn’t a kind deed. Although it isn’t evil, it will annoy others. Wisdom King gave me the dharma name Chenya, meaning that if I have a speck of dust in my mind, I will be a world away from becoming a buddha. Wisdom King said that once my mind is completely pure, I will become the fifth heavenly lord of the Buddhist Sect.”

The white tiger listened to this young man quietly, and it sometimes looked up at this young man who had a bright smile with fear in its eyes. This young man looked gentle and kind; it was hard to tell how he subdued this fierce tiger.

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