Chapter 64: A Person with A Story (Part One)

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In Fang Jie’s mind, this woman had two personalities in the 12 years that they spent together. When she was cold and quiet, she was like a 10,000-year-old ice block, and she could freeze others’ hearts with a glance. However, when she was coquettish, she was more alluring and charming than all the girls in pleasure quarters. It depended on her mood and who she was with.

It felt like only Fang Jie was lucky enough to see this coquettish side of Chen Qingshan that others didn’t know about.

Perhaps the side that Chen Qingshan showed to Fang Jie was her real side, or perhaps it was a way for her to destress, showing her charm without holding back. The reason why Fang Jie was able to see all that… was because he was a child in the past.

Chen Qingshan realized that she overlooked one thing after not seeing Fang Jie for three and a half years.

Fang Jie wasn’t little anymore. Although he was only 15, he was already considered an adult in Great Sui.

In Chen Qingshan’s eyes, Fang Jie grew up well, and he was already about 20 centimeters taller than her. He had a wide back and a slender waist, looking quite muscular. His physique could attract almost every woman, and he also had a clean and good-looking face which was well-liked by girls.

In reality, when the girls of Beckon of the Red Sleeve were bored, they would chat and play with Fang Jie. They would even reach out their hands into Fang Jie’s clothes to touch his six-pack abs.

When Chen Qingshan realized that Fang Jie was no longer a child, she regretted saying those coquettish words naturally.

Therefore, she became quiet. When she was silent, she emitted a coldness that could scare others.

However, Fang Jie wasn’t fearful of this cold Chen Qingshan. Rather, he liked her this way.

“Then, it seems like Xiang Qingniu is really a daoist with a great background?” Fang Jie murmured to himself.

Chen Qingshan asked, “Who is Xiang Qingniu?”

Fang Jie laughed, “It seems like that unreliable and dirty little fatty is the guy who sent the letter to Spiritual Master Xiao using a letter pigeon. Asking the Leader of Daoism to send people to receive him? Could that fatty really be prestigious in the Daoist Sect as he said?”

After pausing for a second, he sighed, “But I still don’t believe it…”

Chen Qingshan looked at Fang Jie carefully and couldn’t help but ask, “Can you tell me how you spent the last three and a half years?”

“You are caring about me?” Fang Jie asked.

Chen Qingshan frowned slightly and said with a cold tone, “I’m not in the mood to joke with you.”

“Multiple personality disorder…” Fang Jie murmured before shaking his head and saying, “If you guys didn’t make the decision of splitting up, I wouldn’t have had three years of peace. Although I left that border city and am about to enter Chang’an, the most magnificent city in the world, I still feel like Fangu is great. If I can live in that little city peacefully for the rest of my life, I would do it.”

After saying that, Fang Jie suddenly asked Chen Qingshan, “How many are left?”

The change of topic was too sudden, and Chen Qingshan didn’t react right away. After a moment of silence, she understood Fang Jie’s question and replied earnestly, “All five are still alive.”

“That is good,” Fang Jie sighed and leaned back onto the chair while saying, “If more people died, I would really feel guilty.”

“You don’t feel guilty right now?” Chen Qingshan asked.

Fang Jie laughed and replied in all seriousness, “Not at all.”

This reply surprised Chen Qingshan, and her expression changed a little. She thought that Fang Jie was a timid, mischievous, and ordinary young man, and such people would be more sentimental. Regardless if they were male or female, sentimental people should feel guilty toward those who protected them and sacrificed for them for 15 years. Therefore, Chen Qingshan felt a little angry.

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