Chapter 64: A Person with A Story (Part Three)

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Then, he asked Chen Qingshan, “Why are you telling me this? Don’t you always look down on Da Quan and Mu Xiaoyao?”

“I do look down on them,” Chen Qingshan replied, “But facts are facts. I wouldn’t insult others because I look down on them. It is a despicable thing to do.”

“When you have to, you would still kill them but wouldn’t insult them, right?” Fang Jie asked.

Chen Qingshan didn’t reply; she got up and was ready to leave.

When she got to the door, she did something that even made Fang Jie blush.

She stood by the door and said to Fang Jie with a charming and coquettish smile, “It is settled. Come and accompany me tonight. I’m ready for you to get used to me. Don’t let me wait for too long.”

After Chen Qingshan left, Fang Jie still sat by the window and looked at Da Quan who was arguing with a senior who was selling puppies and Mu Xiaoyao who was waiting for him on the street in her red dress. He felt warm inside recalling what Chen Qingshan had said.

Also, he was curious.

“The time limit of 15 years? What is going on?”

Fang Jie carefully thought about what he went through in the last 15 years and tried to find clues.

Chen Qingshan didn’t need to lie to him. Since she said these things, they must be important. Therefore, Fang Jie tried to find useful clues by recalling all his experiences. However, none of the scenes caught his attention when they appeared in his mind.

“A total of 15 years… These people who protected me… My bizarre escape journey… A mysterious and powerful man behind all this… What is the big secret?”

Fang Jie’s thoughts became messier and messier when these questions gathered, and he forced himself not to think too much and tried to pinpoint the key information.

At this moment, Fang Jie suddenly grasped onto something.

“As to why a person like him is trying to protect a person like you this well; I have no idea.” Chen Qingshan had said this earlier, and it seemed like this was a path that Fang Jie could follow.

“Yeah… I’m a wastrel in terms of cultivation. Why is that person trying to protect me? This person tried to control me as soon as my second life started. What is your plan? What are you trying to get from me?”

It was impossible to get answers to these questions by thinking, so Fang Jie left the tea house without wasting time. He went to find Mu Xiaoyao and Da Quan.

At this moment, Fang Jie suddenly discovered something else when he saw Da Quan arguing with that senior who was selling puppies, and he temporarily forgot about his own troubles.

“How about this?” that senior said to Da Quan, “If you can tell me the origin of this plate, I will give back the silver taels that you gave me, and I will also gift this plate to you.”

Da Quan smiled with contempt and almost replied without thinking, “It…”

Suddenly, he stopped as alertness flashed in his eyes. He said, “I don’t know. Treat these silver taels as the money that you will need to buy a coffin later. I don’t need it.”

Da Quan’s expression already returned to normal when he looked at Fang Jie with the wooden box in his arms; nothing strange could be seen.

Fang Jie directly grabbed the wooden box and placed it before that senior. Then, he picked up that dirty-looking plate and studied it carefully.


This senior reached out his hands subconsciously and tried to catch the plate since he thought that Fang Jie dropped it, but Fang Jie directly broke it into two.

“You!” The senior pointed at Fang Jie with anger and didn’t know what to say.

Fang Jie smiled and replied, “What? You are angry? How about you bite me?”

After saying that, he turned around and left. When he passed by Da Quan, he suddenly lowered his voice and asked, “How come I suddenly feel like you have a more fascinating background story than me?”

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