Chapter 65: Tempted (Part Two)

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“For example?”

After thinking for a bit, Fang Jie asked, “What is 15 plus 16?”

Zhuo Buyi froze for a second and replied even though he found this question strange, “31.”

“How did you calculate it?”

“Why do you need to calculate for such basic math?”

“Then, what about 18,427 plus 3,119 minus 403 and divide the result by four? How do you calculate this?” Fang Jie asked.

Zhuo Buyi didn’t answer but asked, “How do you think it should be calculated?”

Fang Jie chuckled and said, “I can’t reveal it now.”

[TL Note: In ancient China, abacuses, also known as counting frames, were used to do the math, and it was hard to use for big numbers and complicated operations such as multiplication and division; such operations would take many people a long time to do.]

Then, he stood up, looked at the night sky outside, and said after a moment of silence, “I need to go out for a bit.”

Da Quan looked up at him, and Mu Xiaoyao’s expression froze, but she didn’t look at him.

“I will be back soon.” Fang Jie said that to Mu Xiaoyao, but Mu Xiaoyao still didn’t respond.

Fang Jie smiled self-mockingly and left the inn. Then, he walked toward the east on the main street, and he arrived at another inn in about ten minutes.

Since it was late, the receptionist was getting ready to close the door. Seeing Fang Jie, the receptionist who was too tired to keep his eyes open waved his hand and said, “We don’t have more rooms. You can come back tomorrow and check to see if there are empty rooms.”

Before Fang Jie could reply, a voice sounded from inside the inn. “He is here for me. Come up here.”

The receptionist turned around and froze. His eyes opened wide; the person speaking on the second floor was the charming beauty who he thought about the entire day.

Her slender waist, plump chest, and curvy butt all made him fantasize.

Therefore, when the receptionist looked at Fang Jie again, he sighed in his mind, “Damn, what a lucky man.”

“This goddess-like beauty is receiving him…” At this moment, the receptionist was jealous of Fang Jie, but he soon felt discouraged as he thought, “This young man at least have a good body.”

“You made me wait,” Chen Qingshan said softly as her silk shawl revealed her shoulders.

At this moment, the receptionist felt like his heart melted.

Chen Qingshan was wearing a light-pink dress under the shawl, and this dress was extremely thin; it should be what she wore when she slept.

This dress suited her, and her figure could be seen underneath when the light shined on her, making others heat up.

Even though Fang Jie had many things on his mind, he couldn’t help but peek at her several times.

“Am I pretty?” Chen Qingshan smiled charmingly before spinning around. The hem flew up a little, showing her beautiful legs. Fang Jie had no doubt that if she spun around more, he would see more exciting stuff.

“Yes,” Fang Jie replied, trying to keep his tone calm yet earnest.

“How do I compare to my senior sister?” Chen Qingshan asked as she sat across from Fang Jie.

Fang Jie chose to remain silent.

“You clearly care more about her.” Chen Qingshan lowered her head and lightly bit her lower lip. This alone could take some men’s souls.

Fang Jie took a deep breath and tried to keep his attention away from Chen Qingshan. He looked at the two pairs of utensils, a tableful of dishes, and a jar of liquor, and he couldn’t help but ask, “You were sure that I would come?”

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