Chapter 66: Relying on Oneself and Relying on Others (Part One)

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After leaving Lulai County Town, the days were boring.

Chen Qingshan didn’t intentionally stay away. Instead, she hired a horse-drawn carriage and followed Fang Jie.

Fang Jie pretended that he forgot about last night, but it seemed like Chen Qingshan really forgot about what happened.

Da Quan and Mu Xiaoyao stayed consistent and almost didn’t talk to Chen Qingshan at all. Although they weren’t hostile toward each other, they were cold.

However, Zhuo Buyi who was always stable and calm looked at Chen Qingshan with a different expression. Mu Xiaoyao was also a beauty, but Zhuo Buyi looked at her differently. He looked at Mu Xiaoyao with an appreciation of talent, but he looked at Chen Qingshan with a heated glaze, at least from Fang Jie’s perspective.

It had to be mentioned that Little Flower was a dirty boar.

It liked to lightly touch Mu Xiaoyao’s beautiful legs under her red dress with its tusks when she wasn’t paying attention. When Mu Xiaoyao stomped on it, it let out an intoxicated moan instead of going berserk.

Even Zhuo Buyi was embarrassed about it.

“When did you turn Little Flower into your mount?” Fang Jie asked.

“When I met you that day.” Zhuo Buyi’s reply made Fang Jie roll his eyes.

“In that forest, I saw Little Flower drinking water at that little spring. Therefore, I wanted to make it into my mount. I tried to talk to it, but it refused.”

“Then, how did you subdue it?” Fang Jie asked.

Zhuo Buyi looked at Fang Jie in surprise and said, “Battle of course. It couldn’t defeat me, so it had to become my mount. When I made you come to the spring, it went into the forest to say goodbye to its subordinates and females. It was the king of that forest; all the animals in the forest listened to its command.”

“Eh… Its females… You should say its female boars. No wonder not even a single bird could be seen in the forest that day; Little Flower was probably saying farewells to them too,” Fang Jie commented.

Then, he asked, “How did you defeat Little Flower? Flying sword? Runes? It must be exciting.”

Zhuo Buyi looked at Fang Jie as if the latter was an idiot and said, “Is there a more direct way to subdue a wild boar than using fists?”

As soon as Zhuo Buyi said that, Little Flower snorted as if it was wronged.

Zhuo Buyi didn’t plan to stay on this topic. Although the journey was boring, he wasn’t interested in this dumb topic.

“We should be in Chang’an in about three days,” Zhuo Buyi sighed before he suddenly turned toward Mu Xiaoyao and asked, “Are you interested in learning things from me?”

Mu Xiaoyao froze for a moment and didn’t know how to respond.

Fang Jie knew Mu Xiaoyao’s personality, so he couldn’t help but ask on her behalf, “If… I mean if she already has a master, does it count as a betrayal if she gets another? Although she didn’t agree to the offer yet, that person brought it up first. Therefore… she needs time to decide. After all, the person who knelt and begged Sister Xiaoyao to become his disciple is a legit level 9 master.”

Hearing the mentioning of a level 9 master, Zhuo Buyi snorted in disdain.

“Although there aren’t many level 9 masters in the world, several could be found in the Capital. In terms of accepting a master, you should always see who could maximize your strength.” Zhuo Buyi looked at Mu Xiaoyao and said, “We are the same type of people.”

After a quick pause, he explained, “When the power of senses reaches its peak, it could easily control other people. For example, I made you walk to me that day in the forest, and I made you all see the same illusion. If I wanted to, I could even make you three attack each other. This is the best path for you. As to a level 9 master… Do you want to become a cold-blooded figure who knows nothing but killing?”

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