Chapter 66: Relying on Oneself and Relying on Others (Part Three)

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Zhuo Buyi didn’t answer but looked toward Fang Jie for help. Fang Jie instantly understood what Zhuo Buyi meant, so he smiled and walked to Mu Xiaoyao before saying, “Sister Xiaoyao, since we are at the Capital, there wouldn’t be dangers. Even if those people are arrogant and reckless, they don’t dare to mess around right outside Chang’an. Since Mr. Zhuo is inviting you to enter the city with him first, you can go. Besides, Chen Qingshan is here too; I’m safe.”

“What is the reason?” Mu Xiaoyao asked Fang Jie.

“Mr. Zhuo is afraid that if your other master arrives, it will be difficult for him to bring you away. Although it sounds like he is disdainful toward level 9 masters, he is probably anxious deep down.”

After saying that, Fang Jie lowered his voice and asked Mu Xiaoyao, “What is the strength of this Mr. Zhuo? If he is weaker than that crippled old man, you can reject him.”

Mu Xiaoyao shook her head and said self-mockingly, “Since I entered Great Sui, this ability of mine is becoming more and more useless.”

It was reasonable for Mu Xiaoyao to be so discouraged. Starting from when they planned to leave Fangu, masters whose strength she couldn’t sense appeared one after another. For example, there was Du Hongxian, the crippled old man, Zhuo Buyi, and even that seemingly unreliable fat daoist named Xiang Qingniu.

This was a cruel strike toward her confidence.

“Then he must be someone powerful,” Fang Jie said seriously, “There is no reason for him to lie. If he has ill-intentions, he would have done something in the forest that day. This person has a high status in the Intelligence Department, so you will benefit greatly from this. If I can’t make it into the Martial Arts Academy, it will be great for us if you can have a position in the Intelligence Department.”

“Since it is beneficial for you, I will go.” Mu Xiaoyao didn’t say anything more and walked toward Chang’an; she didn’t even call Zhuo Buyi.

Zhuo Buyi looked at this woman who had a unique personality, and he shook his head and smiled bitterly at Fang Jie. He said, “I don’t know if I got myself a sworn little sister or a godmother.”

[TL Note: In Chinese culture, the word godmother has nothing to do with Christianity. When two families are really close, the children of one family will call the parents of another family ‘mom and dad’ as well. Godmother and godfather are the closet translations.]

Fang Jie laughed, “Your status is too high; I don’t dare to make you call me uncle.”

“F*ck off!” Zhuo Buyi cursed and followed Mu Xiaoyao.

Fang Jie looked at these two as they walked forward. Although he was smiling, his mind was filled with a sense of loss. For all these years, he was used to Mu Xiaoyao staying with him. She wasn’t going far, but this sense of loss was making him want to sob.

Looking at the majestic city before him, Fang Jie murmured, “Chang’an… is too big.”

Two people in this city might not run into each other in their lifetime.

Fang Jie wasn’t sure when, but Chen Qingshan got off her horse-drawn carriage and stood beside him. She looked at Chang’an and asked, “How do you feel now that you are here?”

Fang Jie turned around and asked after a moment of silence, “You are jealous. When Mr. Zhuo wanted to take Sister Xiaoyao as his disciple, you got murderous.”

Chen Qingshan didn’t deny this. With a confident smile, she replied, “I did get murderous, but it quickly disappeared. I don’t think jealousy is bad. Instead, jealousy is the motivating force that made me get stronger over the years. I’m jealous of everyone stronger than me, so I would quickly surpass them.”

With her head slightly raised, Chen Qingshan looked proud.

“Since I left my faction, no one taught me how to cultivate. However, I only used ten years to become a level 8 master. What if others got famous masters? Spiritual Master Xiao said that Mo Ningzhi could become a level 9 master in ten years, and the people who Mu Xiaoyao encountered are confident to turn her into a level 9 master as well. However, in ten years, I will have the ability to kill anyone in the world.”

Chen Qingshan smiled and added, “Relying on oneself will make you into a supreme master. Relying on others is an inferior path.”

Hearing this, Fang Jie thought back to why he was waiting for others.

Cui Lueshang was a member of a big family, Xiang Qingniu had a prestigious status in the Daoist Sect, and Xi Huamei of Beckon of the Red Sleeve had a token that even the Deputy of the Intelligence Department feared. Fang Jie wanted to rely on them when necessary.

“Relying on myself…” Fang Jie smiled and stretched his body. He wouldn’t miss any opportunity to grow quickly. He was working hard, but he would also use as much external help as possible.

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