Chapter 67: Vile Characters (Part Three)

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His body was thin, but his face was thinner.

Since his cheekbones were high, and his cheeks drooped a bit, his eyes extruded a little, looking like that of a dead fish.

However, this man wasn’t a dead fish; he was a sharp knife in Yu Donglai’s hand.

Yu Donglai handed the pieces of paper to Vulture and said, “Monitor this young man yourself; don’t let anything happen to him.”

“But… it seems like he is related to the deaths of our people in Fangu.” Vulture sounded displeased.

“Don’t worry about that; His Majesty already recorded this young man’s name onto the Talent Ledger. Although most of the people with poor backgrounds ended up achieving nothing after being written into the Talent Ledger, we can’t do anything now. Perhaps His Majesty will become interested and meet this little figure.”

After a moment of silence, Yu Donglai said, “Wait for a bit. If His Majesty doesn’t remember this young man, then he can only blame himself. The Capital is too big… Nothing will happen if a little figure like him dies.”

“I got it,” Vulture sneered, “I will try my best to endure.”

“Zhuo Buyi returned, and he brought a woman with him. He isn’t very interested in women, so this woman must be special. Monitor all of this. If this woman wears a flying-fish robe in a few days… then we can’t touch that little soldier from Fangu. Those wild dogs of the Intelligence Department… They don’t care when others fight, but if you touch a bone in their mouths, they would jump up and devour you.”

“Ok,” Vulture nodded and asked, “This kid is too lucky. Even if we can’t kill him, is it ok to make him suffer a little?”

Yu Donglai’s expression froze for a second, and he shook his head and said, “Don’t do meaningless things. I know you hate him since your little brother died in Fangu, but no one could touch him if he gets into the Martial Arts Academy. I won’t even be able to do anything, let alone you. As long as Zhou Banchuan is in the Martial Arts Academy, no one can reach their hands into the academy.”

Vulture chuckled and asked, “What if he can’t get into the Martial Arts Academy?”

“At least…” Yu Donglai thought for a moment and said, “His Majesty needs to forget about him… or loses hope in him. At this time, any small thing might anger His Majesty. You must endure this. Even if he gets into the Martial Arts Academy, we can place him in a border city after he graduates. You only have to endure it for three years at the most.”

Vulture didn’t say anything, but he didn’t listen to Yu Donglai’s words. Three years… It was too long to endure for him.

Fang Jie squatted down on a branch of a big tree and looked toward the Capital. This city was too magnificent; it completely changed Fang Jie’s mind.

He thought that the Capital of Great Sui was probably the same size as the Chang’an in his previous life, but now he knew how wrong he was.

He was about ten kilometers away from Chang’an, yet he still couldn’t see the end of this city on either side. It went to show how big this city was.

“How much money is needed to build city walls that are this tall and wide? Perhaps only Great Sui is wealthy enough in this world to build it,” Fang Jie thought to himself.

Fang Jie had a cheap tobacco pipe that he bought for 25 cash coins, but he smoked the top-tier tobacco that cost one silver tael for 500 grams.

This was the first time that he smoked in this world.

He asked Da Quan, “Will Sister Xiaoyao charm the entire Intelligence Department? Will some prestigious yet handsome young masters get close to her? Will she find… her love?”

“No,” Da Quan replied. He was also holding a tobacco pipe in his mouth, but he didn’t smoke anything. Perhaps he just felt like Fang Jie was cool when holding the tobacco pipe in his mouth.

“If those young masters dare to get close to her, Xiaoyao will beat them up,” Da Quan said in all seriousness.

Fang Jie nodded and murmured to himself, “Ok, then I can relax a little.”

A truly vile character.

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